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2 yrs on / 90 days off help?
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    Default 2 yrs on / 90 days off help?

    So I was "dependent" on norco thanks to a previous doc, 2 years of 4-6 325-10s a day, never really exceeded that.

    Anyway as most everyone here knows after a few months of following orders and not thinking about long term I was hooked and needed my daily norco to function otherwise all typical wd symptoms kicked in.

    Didn't want that so went ahead and had surgery. (Major disc herniation l3 & l4). Wee for having back surgery at 31.

    But here I am now around 90 days off opiates. (Still on gabapentin during healing process).

    Still some pain and I can deal with that just fine. But what I find that I am missing and had previously noticed while I was taking the norco.

    My ENERGY is like a 4/10 since I've stopped, and previous on them it was more like 8/10.

    I've asked my neurologist and his stand point is really just to treat my back symptoms which I understand, but my questions finally to everyone are these.

    1) Why the huge differences in energy while taking the drug?

    2) Any alternatives to the drug?
    Safe and legal! Prescription or not I can easily talk to my doc about options.

    3) Has anyone gone this road and found out that they had something else wrong that "your" drug was just covering up?

    Any general advice appreciated also!! And again I wasn't an "abuser", I believe my self to have ample self control I just want to feel better/good to the point of before injury and surgery.

    Thanks a ton for reading my wall of text!

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    I'm glad you posted this. I have had the same problem when trying to stop taking a prescription drug. Maybe this is a common side effect and if so how long it lasts? I am a new member and am not an abuser either but am interested in weaning to a lower strength drug.

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