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54 Days Clean From Zubsolv!
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    Default 54 Days Clean From Zubsolv!

    Hi guys,

    I have read a number of posts on here and it really is inspirational. I didn't make my way to the site until I was already over a week in from jumping cold turkey from the 1.4mg Zubsolv pills, otherwise I probably would have tapered down more. My background with the meds to help fight opiate withdrawals goes back over 6 years now. I am at a point in my life where I need to move on and concentrate on myself, due to circumstance, I was not able to do that as I am not happy with my current place of employment but got comfortable there and also needed the insurance.

    I used to take percs and Oxys way back when but never after getting put on suboxone 2mg 6+ years ago. My insurance changed their coverage and I was forced to switch to Zubsolv about a year or so ago. My doctor never really wanted me to even attempt stopping the meds but after much reflection on the quality of my like and where it is going, I just decided to jump off them cold turkey and move on.

    I absolutely hated myself and the way I felt for 2+ weeks and during those two weeks I had these symptoms: my back hurt, especially my lower back which also felt like it would radiate a cold temperature throughout my body that I could never get rid of (baths helped but it was temporary. My entire body was sore and motivation to do the smallest task just wasn't there, even brushing my teeth took an hour just because i didn't want to do a thing! Yawning, watery eyes, mild stomach upsets, insomnia were also there. The only thing that I feel nowadays is my feet and hands still get cold and sweaty from time to time, it just something I could never avoid and every now and then I still get that symptom. Other than that, again I'm on day 54, things are bearable and my energy levels have been increasing marginally on a daily basis even if I still have to sike myself up to do a task or job. It's all bearable now except for the temperature thing, about a week or so ago, I started sweating from my under arms but I never know when it will happen, again bearable, but soooooo annoying especially when you have to work half the time outside and i live in New England which has been <35 degrees at a maximum, I end up changing my under shirt at work once or twice a day on days I experience this and it just drives me crazy. Is there anything I should be doing to help in those areas or should I just keep on keeping on and hope that the paws goes away asap which I know could take a long long time.

    I forgot to mention, when I decided to do this, I told no one. I did ask a friend to kinda check up on my via text or phone just in case but didn't tell him what I was doing until I was at a point where life started to come together again around the 30 day mark. I did take a few days off so the initial jump was pretty much me in bed for 5 days until I went back to work where I said I had the flu. I do recommend people inform their loved ones of what they are doing because you are ultimately improving yourself and I did feel better when engaged in convos and what not. I figure I will re evaluate how I feel in detail in 30 days which will make 12 weeks of no Zubsolv and am hoping very much so that the sweating and temperature regulation goes back to normal by then, as much as it can at least.

    If anyone has any tips questions or concerns feel free to post or msg me.

    Life off subs/Zubsolv is 1000 times better, it basically seems like I wasted the last 6 years of my life being lazy and complacent, I am baffled at how differently I view life and the smallest things now. I could watch a movie I saw maybe 20 times before and take it totally differently, I see how lazy and unproductive I was, and I hated paying for a medications that was worse off for me than the opiates that got me there.

    I have finally shared with my family and a few close friends what I have done and they are all supportive about it and it's really refreshing! I really recommend sharing as you go and not trying to do it by yourself like I did because I went though hell by myself and I am sure it would of been easier had I some support and understanding from those around me.

    To all those fighting the good fight, keep going, you can do it!

    I look forward to seeing if I can help anyone here and if anyone can help me make the last of my symptoms ease up and hopefully go away, but I know it's all situational and I just take it day by day.

    I am forcing myself to go and clean my car now, keeping active def helps keep your mind off any symptoms you might be experiencing.

    Thanks for listening and I look forward to chatting it up with you guys on my road to 3 months clean.
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    Wow, you are a real trooper. I'm new to the site and I am reading through some of the threads for the first time. Trust me, you are a very strong person to endure for 54 days. I almost did not respond because I have never been on subs, or the Zubsolv you mentioned. Sounds like some nasty @#$%. I don't know you, but I think you are my new hero.

    My withdrawals from opiates lasted 7 days. Sorry, can't help you with what you are experiencing. Look at the Thomas recipe. IT WORKS.

    Sounds to me like you did it right. I did not confide in anyone close to me during withdrawals because I was too irritable to talk with someone for very long. I did not want the hassles of long drawn out conversations. That worked for me and for you, but this is not one size fits all.

    Hang in there buddy. You are doing great. Look for the Thomas recipe.
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    Thanks bud, I'll def look for it. I am almost certain a lot of the little things left over are mental so I am just moving forward with hopes things go back to normal as quickly as possible. All in all feel great and every day is better.
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