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Another important reason to stay Opiate Free
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    Exclamation Another important reason to stay Opiate Free

    Hi I'm new here. I'm in my early 40s and I thought I was reasonably healthy until mid 2014 when I was diagnosed with cancer non Hodgkins lymphoma dlbc. I responded well to chemotherapy and my tumours were zapped and destroyed by rchop chemo during the first round; that's not to say I'm out of the woods but there are plenty of treatment options and dlbc is curable.

    Anyway, what hit home only recently was that if I do deteriorate I will perhaps need agonist opiates to help with pain. So that brings me to my treatment with suboxone which I've been on for 12 months. When I got diagnosed with dlbc in August last year I dropped from 16mg of Sub to 2mg overnight with little withdrawal. Mind over matter right because I had cancer and I didn't want some synthetic rubbish opiate conflicting with chemo. But I knew going cold turkey would be hellish from such a high amount. Buprenorphone is a partial agonist so I do worry that it may not give me the analgesia I may need one day. In my mind a full agonist like morphine would be better for pain relief. Your thoughts?

    I'm tapering down from 2mg and I hope to jump off from under 0.5mg with a 4 day fast. But that's down the track.

    So for those of you in opiate recovery, add my situation to your 'bag' of why you should stick to being a non-user-addict. One day when you have to face major illness and require analgesia, you will be so thankful and relieved that agonist opiates like morphine will do its job better to keep you out of pain.

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    Oh absolutely! That's one of the many reasons I wanted off opiates as maintenance therapy for my chronic pain. I wanted to be able to utilize them if I had an acute reason to need them. I'm watching people face everything from cancer to diabetic nerve pain and all sorts of painful conditions and I want to be able to use the minimum drugs possible to effectively control pain if I need to for any reason. With your suboxone, heck yes, all the more reason to get free of it. Yes, you would want morphine etc. to have full effect if you need it, while I'm not a pharmacist and can't say what the effects would be, I imagine it wouldn't be good to mix them.

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    Stuck- That is such a great point, I used to live in fear of being in something as simple as a car accident...what was i going to tell the doc?...Thank you for the one pain pill but unless I see another 20-25 in the next 24 hours you are going to see someone who looks like a fish out of water! Thank god I never expierenced such, but looking back I can't imagine doing that to myself. -BTex
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