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Codiene Phosphate addiction/withdrawal
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    Default Codiene Phosphate addiction/withdrawal

    Hi everyone.

    This is my story and where I am right now. I don't know what I want to ask specifically but realise I need help.

    I have sponylitis in my lower spine and have been taking codeine phosphate 30mg tablets for the last 8 years. I was prescribed 2 to be taken 4 times a day as required for pain. In the beginning this is what I did.

    Now, I can easily take 18+ tablets per day. I get a regular prescription from my GP every two weeks, but the tablets don't last anywhere near 14 days and find I have to go without for up to a week, suffering withdrawal symptoms like diahorrea, headaches, restlessness and lethargy.

    My son who is disabled also takes codeine 30mg tablets and often gave me extra to see me through.

    It came to a head yesterday as I had taken some of my sons tablets without his knowledge and it led to me phoning my GP and admitting to him what I had done and that I have a problem, He prescribed my son more codeine to replace what I had taken and I usually collect on his behalf, but told me I was not allowed to collect it and my wife had to collect.

    I have had no codeine now for 3 days. I'm shaking, hot and cold, have the runs and generally feeling very low - both for what I had done to my son and the realisation that I am addicted to this stuff.

    I'm unsure as to wether my regular prescription will be there when its due, and I cant get an appointment with my GP for a week.

    I've read a few posts on here regarding codeine addiction and withdrawal, and what to expect over the next few days. I dont expect any sympathy for what I have done, and I know its going to be a bad few days (weeks??) but I need to get off this stuff. It has kind of been forced on me but I do need to try.

    One real concern is the fact I have constant back ache at various levels throughout the day. Ive tried other meds (tramadol, co-codamol) but nothing other than the codeine seems to take the edge off the pain.

    Any advice anyone can give is appreciated - please dont judge me I'm intelligent enough to know what Ive done.

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    Hiya, sorry for late reply but I've only just seen your post.

    You do need to try and make a doctors appt to talk to him/her about helping you with this. I'm not medically trained but there must be other forms of pain management that is no addictive that they can help you with. In the meantime until you see your doctor you could ask the pharmacist what you could take. They do sell painkillers with codeine over the counter over here with a 3 day warning, so you could limit yourself to so many until you see the doctor. If you do get your prescription renewed then can you get someone to hold them for you and start to cut down, try and take just what is prescribed which will be hard at first but it's doable and after a week or so you might notice a difference. Sometimes opiates can make pain worse, headaches etc.

    Hope this helps. I'll keep checking to see how you are doing.


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    Thanks for your reply, very much appreciated.

    I have been codeine-free for 6 days now - starting to feel better but still have the odd cravings here and there.

    I've had a sit-down with my close family and told them everything - the hardest thing I have ever had to do in my life, it was difficult but a nesessitiy I think. I know I have their full support now and it was a massive boost in my quest to get off this drug.

    The pain hasn't been too bad lately - I do have Immodium and Ibuprofen and also Amytryptaline which helps me sleep (enough for 4 weeks) and I havent slept as well in years, and thats no understatement. I know the pain will get worse as it always does, and when it does if my script is there my wife is taking control of the Codeine Phosphate. Saying that - I am going to get off this and am determined to do so but its a temptation I dont need just now.

    I'll keep updating when I can - I know there will still be lows and highs to come, but I do feel now that I can do this and that it will be worth it.
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    Hello and welcome! Have you checked out the Thomas Recipe thread on here? I'll leave the link for it in case you haven't, but it's helped me a lot. Especially with the pain and withdrawal symptoms. Lot of good information on there! Either way, I wish you well and just know you're not alone with what you're going through!

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