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Cold turkey from codiene - day 6
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    Default Cold turkey from codiene - day 6

    So I am on day 6 of going cold turkey from codiene 60-120 mg a day which Ive taken for around 6 months regularly but only occassionally in the previous few months. It feels like Im going through pure hell, I feel so restless, can hardly keep still and cannot relax. I only managed 1 hours sleep last night.

    My story - Ive had M.E for 9 years, only occassional pain so taking occassional pain relief never caused a problem. But this last 6 months my health has declined severely, I can do very little and only mange to get out for a couple of hours once a week and Ive have been in severe pain most days. Now the pain seems to be tapering off, some days I have no pain, some a little and one or two days a week it can be severe, especially after Ive tried doing more. On Friday I had no pain, I took no pain relief, Saturday I was so restless, had a little pain but wanted to try to do without as I knew I was getting addicted. Ive kept going without them. Saw my Dr yesterday, explained to her what I was doing, she was supportive and prescribed Naproxen, short term, anti inflammatory for pain . I had pain this morning and they didnt work at all. Im currently in moderate pain 4-5/10 but dont want to take codiene.
    I cant just go out for a walk on a whim like some can. Today Ive played games on a laptop or phone, tried doing stuff around my home, took a few photos and tried making jewellery. Now watching tv, but just cant relax.

    From what I understand, getting to day 6 cold turkey and taking things one day at a time is good. I just wish the restlessness would stop. Almost through day 6! Desperately tired and wishing I could relax

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    The pain is worse now because your system is used to the opiate but it should get much better over the next couple weeks. I hope you find that is the case anyway. Most of us do, because during cold turkey your brain has been accustomed to the opiate receptors being filled and now it needs to readjust itself.

    It is very normal to feel like you cannot relax. If you really need sleep you can take an OTC sleep aid or ask your doctor for JUST A FEW Xanax or Ambien. Please, only let her give you literally only about 5-7 pills because both those drugs will get you very addicted if you take them every night. But they will help you get through this withdrawal if you really need some sleep. Normally I don't recommend to most people who come here to do that but you have M.E. which means you really need quality sleep. The OTC drugs will make you sleep but they also will give you hangover fatigue the next day and you don't need that. Secondly, you aren't an addict who has used drugs out of control or recreationally so your risk of abusing Xanax or Ambien is low. But be warned in my experience withdrawal from those two drugs should you take long term is worse than your withdrawal from codiene so be very careful should you go that route.

    Another route you can try is herbal supplements. They can help you relax and help you sleep but it can be difficult and expensive to figure out just what to use, how much to use, what are the good brands. I can't really name brands to recommend but some types I've tried are kava, valerian, and chamomile. A small amount of melatonin is helpful some times. As with all drugs, herbs and supplements, do your research and use them judiciously.

    Best of luck to you. I too play games on my laptop and phone to pass the time, also read. I got a whole lot of reading done when I was withdrawing from medications and couldn't sleep. Would read all night long.
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