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Day 8, SOBER! Feel NORMAL!!!
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    Default Day 8, SOBER! Feel NORMAL!!!

    WOW! Im on day 8 of being sober and I feel amazing! I have my energy back, I sleep like a babydoll, I went shopping all yesterday and didn't get exhausted! My brain still feels a little weird, but nothing that prevents me from doing my daily activities. I guess my withdrawal wasn't as bad as some people explained them to be, which is very good for me, since I have a 1.5 yr old and a 9 yr old to chase after. I feel like Im pretty much through with this and I dont crave the pills anymore! Im just ready to start living my life I lived 9 months ago...which was always painpill free. YAY!!!! How is everyone else doing?!?!

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    Glad to hear it!!! I have been able to kick my addiction before and never really have any side effects....... Maybe a day of wds.... But i have been doin this for years....... Quitting is easy i have done it a million times-- mark twain....... And that's my problem.... Quittin but stayin quit any advice??

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