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Don't use Tradadol to treat hydro-perkoset withdraws.
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    Default Don't use Tradadol to treat hydro-perkoset withdraws.

    Quick history. 3 major lower back operations, the last being a failed fusion. lived with terrible pain. Time goes by I'm up to 180 perkosets a month and a lot of time running out early. finally i said this has got to stop! So i quit cold turkey and suffer for 2 days. Complete hell on earth to say the least. My wife says try some of these Tramadol pills as they aren't addicting and treat pain. So i take a few of these and my withdrawal symptoms were relieved by 80 percent. I actually felt like walking around and going outside. Didn't give me a pill buzz but i thought as long as I'm not taking the real opioids I'm making progress. WRONG

    So fast forward until now. Haven't had a hydrocodone or oxycodone in almost a full year. But i kept using my little crutch call Tramadol. now it dawned on my that I'm taking 180 tramadol a month and I'm in the same boat again. So like before i said screw that and quit them cold turkey. Yep i was sick as a dog for almost a week. Not as bad as hydros or perks but in a different way thats hard to explain. So during this whole year i really haven't made any recovery at all because of the smoke and mirrors.

    Now I'm 1 week off the Tramadol and glad of it. its was a terrible week for sure. sweats, terrible back pain, Im in 1 year of recovery but because of poor decisions and being ignorant i really haven't made it anywhere at all by using a crutch drug. now i am back at square one learning how to live life without the tramadol which gives me a little boost in the door and provides my mind with interesting things to do.

    yesterday was a great day. woke up on a sunny kentucky day in which 70 degree weather was coming in. I actually felt motivated to go outside and do some farm chores around the property. i have a 5 1/2 acre mini farms where we raise chickens and ducks. Got the John Deere tractor out and did some work with it. overall a great day. then the moment i come in for the night to dress i feel like somebody beat me half to death. back is flaring up like 4th of July. my brain says go get you a few tramadols and that will go away. NOPE not gonna do it pilgrim! i felt spectacular yesterday until the back pain flared up. Now today is the hard part. I've woken up in one of those lay in bed all day moods. sucks after the motivation i woke up with yesterday and riding the tractor around and doing various farm work. i guess this is the classic paws.......up one day.....down for 3......up for 3....down for 5.

    anyhow i just wanted to show a reason for why to never use tramadol as a withdrawing tool to get off opioids. Tradadol just replaces what you have taken away by quiting opioids. Tramadol still hits those opiod receptors and brings them back to life. its took me a whole year to figure it out but this time is the last time. No opiod medication will ever enter my body again.

    the battle i have left is these feel great wonderful days,,,,,,then next day i feel sick and withdrawn. i know its classic paws.


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    I've heard that about Tramadol too, Johnny. I believe it's basically a very low dose of opiate. And I feel the same way about never using an opiate EVER again.

    Thanks for posting this cautionary tale. Keep us posted on your story and how you are feeling getting off the T. Hugs~ Beans

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