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feed up. need help...are there programs for medical assistance
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    Default feed up. need help...are there programs for medical assistance

    Need help. My BF is addicted to opiates and its hurting our relationship and everything else. I am the only one working and have been almost the only one the entire duration of our relationship. 2+ years. When he runs out of his prescription medicine I can already guarantee a ER visit within the next 24hrs. I am fed up with not having any money, due to what his addiction has caused us. The purpose of this tread is to ask if there are facilities out there to help with opiate addiction that offer financial assistance to the patients. I barely make enough now to support myself him and his kids, but he needs this. I am at my wits end and fed up. Please help.

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    What state do you live in? There aren't to many places to help opiate addicts and it's kind of wrong since it seems to be a huge problem of people abusing them.
    I was on the other side and was abusing and ruining my marriage and I stopped.I really don't know what woke me up but I am a few weeks in of going cold turkey.
    I could tell my wide was getting fed up,I work and pay bills and didn't take more then was prescribed this time and thought I was doing ok with all the support I had going. It might be time to give it to him straight,quit or be done with the relationship. I know how bad a person on pills can be,I was that person.If he decides to stop,then show him as much support as you can because it will be a bumpy road.

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