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    Please I am asking for help to ween myself from 4 Roxy 30's a day. I have been on these for 2 years i hate the feelings i have and i want more and more i was put on these due to a very bad back. and i am begging for help to ween myself off. i have tried 2 times and the withdrawals really got me mostly my legs hurt me so bad all i could do was cry and pray for the lord to help me. please if they are someone out there that can help me please do i have no support or anyone to talk to. my life has fallen apart.

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    Tapering is very difficult, I'm not gong to lie to you. The least painful way to do it is slow and steady. Cutting your daily dose a tiny bit at a time, waiting several days and cutting it again by a tiny little bit. The problem is that we're addicts. I don't know about you, but if they are there, I'm taking them and tell myself "I'll start tomorrow". Never worked for me. It has for others but it takes tremendous self discipline. Believe me, I tried to taper more than once and I honestly don't think I ever reduced at all let alone all the way off. But that's me.

    Cold turkey is the other option. I took a higher dose than you for many years longer than you and I was able to do it. You'll need to stock up on some over the counter things that will help with some of the symptoms and get mentally prepared. Be sure you don't have any more pills around and cut all ties to your sources. If you get a script, let your doctor know you're done. If you get them from other places, block their numbers from your phone and delete their numbers. What to expect? Around 5 days of acute symptoms that mimic a bad flu. This is totally doable once you get the right mind set and really want it. If you're not all in, it will make things tougher for you. It's no picnic but worth every single minute of it to not be a slave to pills. Counting them, buying them, worrying about not being able to get them. All of it. It consumes your life and turns you into someone you don't want to be.

    I see people come and go here. When someone shows up here because their script ran out and they have a week or two before they can get more, they get sick and want to detox and be done with it. These are the times that we realize just how much we're controlled by our pills. I always say that when someone decides to quit when they have a supply that really says they're ready and not just desperate to survive until the next script is ready. Not to say that's always the case. I point it out because that's the same determination we all have to have whether we are out of pills or have them. We are willing to do whatever it takes to be done.

    If you want to try to taper, we'll help you with a plan. If you want to be done, we need you to be on board and be sick for 5 days. Your choice. We'll support you no matter what you decide. I hope you're ready.



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    I am on day 4, cowgirl. If you want read my thread to see what I've
    Been though. It's worth it even if it sucks for a few days. We are here for you. ~Beans

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