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Help getting off dilaudid
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    Default Help getting off dilaudid

    Can I get off dilaudid 8 mg a day by going down 1 mg a month.Will that keep me from having a severe loss of energy which has been my biggest problem when trying to get off. Please help.I am in remission from cancer and I Want to return to my old self if I even remember who that is. Please help!
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    Hi there and welcome. It's great to hear that your cancer is in remission!

    I only know about Dilaudid from when I had my first back surgery and they had it hooked up to drip every 5 minutes for 9 nine days before the surgery. I'm not sure if cutting down 1 mg per month would work, but it sounds like a solid plan. Once at 1 mg, do you plan on dosing lower? Like 1/2 mg, 1/4 mg, etc? I think that would be your best bet. For energy, I recommend buying some L-Tyrosine with vitamin B6 in it. The two work together to give you a boost. I take it every day and it helps. If you can't find the two together, buy them separately. Also, take a potent multivitamin/mineral every day.

    Have you spoke with your doctor about tapering? Hopefully he/she can help you with your taper and keep you as comfortable as possible. You may want to look around at some other threads of people who tapered their painkillers.

    Best of luck!
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