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Hi all, please I need someone’s help
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    Default Hi all, please I need someone’s help

    I have been on OxyContin 20 and 30mg for over 4 years. On top of that I also was taking Endone 5mg. The scripts were to last a month but never lasted more than two weeks. My dr has been away and I cannot get anyone else to prescribe them, per how strict Ozzie drs are about opiates. I am starting to really feel withdrawal symptoms that I first attributed to starting on lithium by my psych. I don’t know to do. Shaking, extreme RLS (which I take pramipexole for anyways), hot flashes, shivers, no appetite. I was also started on quetiapine 100mg at night to sleep with suvorexant 20mg, I have alpraxolam 1mg (about 8), a new script for diazepam 5mg, zopiclone, Ativan 1mg about 100, olanzapine 5mg, and lithium at 450mg. I’m an absolute mess and don’t know what to try. Definitely have needed the Imodium but I’m into day 3 and I don’t know how much more I can handle. Any advice? I still have back pain and bone pain from both and accident causing a fracture in my spine, and having Fibrous Dysplasia, hence the pain killers. I don’t know what to do.

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    Hi Ozzie and welcome to the forum!!
    You are on day 3 maybe into day 4 by now ... Good news is your symptoms shouldn't get any worse at this point and should start to decrease in the next day or 2!! Sleep and RLS are usually the things that linger! I know it's the worst going through these awful withdrawals. Know that you're not alone. I'm sure others will be along.
    Are you looking to stay off of the opiates now?? I wasn't sure what your plan is at this point.
    Either way... Please post often. Read read read!! You'll get lots of tips! And know youre going to feel better!!
    Hang in there!

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