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How deep this rabbit hole can be
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    Default How deep this rabbit hole can be

    Hi I'm a opiate addict in recovery. I just wanted to let my new friends here hear my story. I didn't have an injury to get hooked, I just tried it and liked it. That's why I started taking them. At first, I was a functioning addict for 5 years. Had a job, nice car, living the clooney life at 25. But at some point, and I don't know why, the light switch flicked on. I was taking 4-5 hydros a day. Tried to quit but got dope sick, so I kept going back. 5 then turned to 10, 10turned to 20, and in a span of 3.5 years I had to take 80 10mg hydros at ONE TIME to get that "feeling". I lost about 40 lbs because I realized if I took them on a empty stomach they hit harder. At my worst I took over 1000 10mg hydros in one week. Then I couldn't hold food down, I was dying. How I didn't I still don't know. Luckily I come from a wealthy family and kept my job but I spent over 50k in 4 yrs. that part still makes me sick. So, I quit for a week, literally dying in pain for a week. Then I just took enough to stop hurting. Eventually I got it all the way down to where I could take 5-10 and feel normal. That took about 3-4mnths. But I knew I had a problem so I went to a dual diagnosis treatment center. They focus on the connection of mental illness and addiction. Got on some anti-depressants and my life has purpose again. So for those of you think you can never stop, you can. You just have to be willing to be.

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    oh dear you forgot to mention that you take 8mg a day of xanax, obviously as well as the anti depressants... so you are still an addict... coming off benzos is even harder than coming off opiates, so you are in for some trouble...
    be aware the addiction is just as bad... if not worse

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