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How do you know if you have an addiction?
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    Default How do you know if you have an addiction?

    I've taken Vicodin 7.5/750 for years for headaches. I didn't go by the 1 every 4-6 hours, just took it as needed very rarely taking more than two a day and usually it was just one. Sometimes I'd go a week only taking two pills. I noticed that I was getting very irritable after taking Vicodin so I started backing off more enduring the headaches.

    I had two arthroscopic surgeries recently. Prior to the first surgery after getting cortisone shots the doc prescribed Percocet 5/325. This helped with the discomfort of the shot and seemed to do well for the headaches without making me loopy. After the surgery I was given Percocet 10/325. This worked well for me following the surgery and gave me a feeling good sensation. After the pain of the surgery went away I stopped taking it and was given the Percocet 5/325 for further discomfort.

    I was prescribed the Percocet 5/325 following the second surgery. It didn't do anything for the pain after the local anesthesia wore off. The doctor said I could take it a little more frequently during the first few days following the surgery if needed. Within a few days I was able to back off and follow the prescribed dosage. As time went on I would only have to take one a day to get rid of the discomfort.

    Now when I have any discomfort, back ache, head ache or just an overall achy feeling I take one of the Percocet 5/325s. I might take one a day or every two to three days. It does away with the aches and makes me feel better. I have on occasion taken two in a day if the aches are really bad or persistent. There were a few days over the past several months that I took leftover Percocet 10/325s if the discomfort was really bad.

    My question is, is this a sign of a dependence on the drug? OTC pain relievers haven't worked for me for years. If this is an indication of a dependence and the OTC stuff doesn't help, what are my options?

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    Hi there. Addiction is generally defined as a psychological obsession and craving of a drug. For instance, do you crave the pills/euphoria? Do you ever run out of pills early and panic? Do you find that you're willing to do anything to obtain pills?

    Based on your post, it doesn't seem to me that you have an addiction, but possibly a dependence. Also, it's usually a bad idea for doctors to prescribe opiates for headaches because they often tend to cause "rebound" headaches after a period of use.

    How often do you get headaches? Are they migraines?

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    They're not migraines. I used to get migraines and know what they are. I get headaches almost daily. I 've had one all morning and haven't taken anything although I'm about to since it hasn't gone away.

    I don't panic if I run out and I would never do anything to get the pills. Especially not going to break any laws.

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    my opinion is no addiction. try extra strength excedrin for the head aches,I get then to and thats the only thing that gets rid of them.addiction is depending on the pills all the time and cravings them.constantly,I know because I am an addict,but am 34 days clean of taking over 200 norcos a month,from what I read you sound like you take them like you supposed to ,good for you.hope this helps


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