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How long do sleep problems last
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    Default How long do sleep problems last

    Hi everyone. I just celebrated 3 weeks (yay!) and pretty much all of the WD symptoms are gone.

    However... My sleep is jacked. And I take Ambien due to chronic insomnia that pre-dates the pain meds. It works well for me and I don't have any of the crazy side effects. It literally saved my life when the insomnia was in full force and I didn't sleep for literally 4 months several years ago. Ugly times.

    With that said even with taking my bigger ER tabs (which I rarely needed in the past) I am waking up a lot at night and then not be able to sleep past about 5 which is 90 minutes earlier than normally. It pretty much wrecks my day when this happens especially for work concentration.

    Part of this is that I'm excited about my new life and possibilities. So both exciting things *and* my GAD can affect my ability to sleep well. And I already take natural stuff to wind down plus breathing techniques etc.

    So my question is how long do the sleep issues associated with going off the pain meds last? I think I've read here that sleep problems is often the issue that lasts the longest.

    I would love some input.

    Thank you!

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    Thoughts anyone?

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    Usually for a few weeks. I like hot milk with honey before bed it makes me feel relaxed or mint tea with milk. Do you take any pills?

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