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i cant live in pain
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    Thumbs down i cant live in pain

    Here iam again in the very same place iam right now every single month. 90 pills gone in a week except this time its lot more than that. I have severe nueropathy. When I dont take pain pills my feet feel like they are on fire.the norco does 2 things 1. takes away my foot pain and #2 its like a mood enhancer it makes me feel happy. My dr gave me my refill of 90 7.5's i took those in a week them went back last week and told them i'm getting immune to them so he gave me 90 10's now Im out and dealing with withdrawls again. depression, anger, bad thoughts and im in so much pain. I like to feel happy i dont see anything wrfong with that. without them im not a happy person....i really need them to take away my pain but if i tell my dr he will take them away and if im forced to live in mpain then i will kill myself, i refuse to cope with this pain. i'm stuck cant get help, cant tell my dr because i really do need them and i know there are no other options, so i'm just screwed....i just dont know what to do....i want to be happy and we all know norco lifts our moods i need that plus the relief of this i have no job.i quit that 3 weeks ago
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    Hi there,

    I am really sorry that you are in pain again, I think you need to ask if Diazepam will be more beneficial as It nums any nerve pain and relaxes the muscles. Explain to the doctor the problems your having and express that the pain is becoming so bad that it is making your life hard to live and you have had thoughts of suicide as a result of this - if the pain is becoming too much to handle and you feel like you cannot cope any more, ring for EMT. They will speed up the medication process and will treat you in hospital, I personally suspect you need a hospital admission.

    Please keep me informed.

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    I apologize if this reply seems to be long overdue. I was browsing through the threads when I encountered your post. I'm sorry to hear about the condition you are in right now. Neuropathy pains can be very inconvenient. I understand that all you want is to be happy and your meds can provide some sort of happiness. However, I encourage you not to depend so much on medications. Yes they are quick and effective but they can also be highly addictive and side-effects can be deadly.

    Try considering some alternative methods. I find that Endoca hemp products, a nutritional supplement, very useful in many medical issues. It contains CBD or cannabidiol, a compound full of medicinal benefits. Some of it's properties are anxiolytic, anti-emetic, antipsychotic, anti-depressant, anti-inflammatory, and many more. Me and some of my relatives also tried it before and along with st. john's wort supplements they can really be effective in dealing with neuropathic pains. Consult your doctor and ask for some alternative approaches like these. Don't rely so much on the meds.

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