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I need to stop taking Norco
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    Default I need to stop taking Norco

    Hey All,

    I have been lurking and reading all of your posts for the last few days, and have found a lot of support and good advice. My story is, I have been opiate free for eight years, but have recently been rx'ed Norco 750/325/60 pills per month for the last two months for arthritis pain in my knee. I picked up my third rx yesterday. I have been taking three a day, four tops, but know that this is such a slippery slope. Since I have had a horrible opiate addiction prior (which I did a short medical detox with Subutex to get clean) I am frightened that I have now built up a tolerance for these damn pills, and I want off ASAP. But, as most of you know, the fear of withdrawal is overwhelmingly the largest part of the process. So, in a nutshell, I'm scared and I need support because I know this is leading to a very bad place. Addiction is so sneaky and insidious...thank you in advance for reading my post and for any advice you may have for me :-)

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    The first thing I thought when I read your post was, "Don't do it. Don't take the pills." That was my gut reaction. I am new here and in the process of getting off hydrocodone. I'm certain it screwed with my brain and I want off. I'm worried that especially since you had an addiction before, you'll have it again. I think your instincts and fears are correct and that you should stop.

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