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i'm ready
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    Default i'm ready

    i am ready to stop. i have been on 40 mgs of vicodin a day sometimes more and 40 mgs valium a day. this is my 12th year at this dosage. i don't get high. i am in pain.
    but i can't keep doing this. i'm tired.

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    Hi Lysa,

    I'm a recovering opiate addict but I don't have experience with benzos. From what I've read up and down this Forum, though is that can be dangerous to detox from your valium. I think someone with experience and knowledge will pipe in soon with some advice. Just be careful.

    Have you ever tried to get clean before? You probably have but let us know and how you tried to get clean. Kicking opiates is really hard but not dangerous. I abused for around 20 yrs and tried over and over to get clean and sometimes actually got thru detox. I was never able to taper and the only successful attempts were those done cold turkey. Unforturnately, up until now they never stuck. The physical part is hellish and even though it feels like you'll never be "normal" again that part only lasts around 5 days and then physically you'll feel remarkably better. The mental part is a whole other beast.

    Let us know how you want to do this and then you'll get hints and encouragement. Please watch for others regarding those valium. In the meantime, look up the Thomas Recipe on this Forum. It's a list of items that can mostly be purchased over the counter to help with detox. Maybe it will help you to decide if you think you can taper or just bite the bullet and go cold turkey. That will be up to you and neither is easy but sooooo worth it.



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    lysajones ..... I suggest you follow Catrina's advice using the Thomas Recipe to get off the opiates doing a cold turkey for the opiate detox. Even with the long history you'll feel much better considering your dose in a week or so. Once you are clean off the opiates I will be happy to help you with the valium. They will also make the opiate detox easier on you as well as they are even called for in the Thomas Recipe. Here is a link to it. Hope this helps. God bless.
    I am not a dr. My statements are based on years of experience and related education. Consult with the professional of your choice regarding matters of concern.

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