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I'm still clean
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    Smile I'm still clean

    Hey Everyone
    Thought I would give a quick update on how I am doing... as of today I have been completely pill free for 9 days. I would really love to tell you all that it hasn't been a struggle, but that would be a big lie! I am however feeling much better... physically and mentally.... I just wanted to thank you all for your support....

    Thank you all so, so, so very much!!!!

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    Keep on with the struggle, no matter what. I know you've been clean for 9 days and you deserve a big congratulations and hugs for that!!! However, what are your plans now for keeping yourself that way? Don't want to be a party crasher or anything, but getting clean is easy: staying that way is hard!!! Get a plan together to keep away from using for the rest of your life which starts now!!! Congrats again.



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    Congrats! I'm on day 8. Feeling good and proud. But Iloerose is right, the fight has just begun. But we can do this!

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