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    Default Kratom....

    Alright, here is the deal. If you don't know my story then click my name and read my posts. I have taken Kratom thru the years when I would run short on drugs. It is a tremendous help with withdrawals. I am on day 4 of tapering. I was different than some I guess. I am a very respected businessman in a very small community. I am 35 and in a business where you must be pretty well accepted as an upstanding individual. I am married with kids. I COULDN'T go to treatment and risk losing everything, not to mention hurting my family's name. This is important because that fact kept me from quitting for a long long time. Enter Kratom. Now hear this, Its not for everyone and it is unknown what its long term effects are, and I AM NOT saying go take this stuff. I am giving my story. It has been a lifesaver. Don't get me wrong withdrawals are still stiff. Stiff enough that I don't want to go through them again. But this stuff really does take the edge off when it feels like my skin is going to eat thru me. It allows me to work and be halfway nice while doing so. I can still be good to my kids, play with them, not bite their heads off. I pair it with Vitamins and its amazing. Now with that said, it is mildly addictive. I don't think that I could ever get addicted long term to this stuff because the taste is horrific. I take about a teaspoon of just powdered leaf only when I am having problems functioning. However, I dread each dose, but I have read that you shouldn't start the extract because it is more addictive. So I choke this down and only take it as needed but I think it is just as useful as Sub or Methadone without the addictive traits being so high. It boost your mood without giving you a high. Again, everyone is different but for those in my situation, I feel like everyone has a right to know their options. God bless all.
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    Kratom is a legal herb from Thailand which can be easily purchased online. Anyways thanks for sharing your experience.

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    I have used Kratom a few times and doing a regular toss worked great for me. 3.5 to 4g should be good for a first time.

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