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Leg pain and withdrawal
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    Default Leg pain and withdrawal

    Hi guys

    I'm 18 hours drug free from percocets and hydromorphone and so far I just am notching really bad leg pain. It feels like growing pains or something and is mostly on the back of my legs (from my bum down to my ankles). Has anyone experienced this?

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    I've seen a lot of mention of leg pain... I'm assuming a lot of it stems from the RLS and the overuse of those muscles during. It seems normal. JMO.

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    Frankly, I'm not sure if this is caused by the 18 hours of being drug-free. I would have to research more about that. If you wish to be certain then have yourself checked immediately by a clinician.

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    This is one of the very typical symptoms of detox, I'm afraid. It is likely to hang around for the next few days and will very abruptly stop. That and bathroom issues were the first things to kick up for me quickly followed by all over aches. Heating pads were my best friends. I used two of the largest ones I could find using one wrapped around each leg set on low. Hot baths give much relief too. Take them as often as you need to. There's an over-the-counter med called Hylands Restless Leg or another called Calm Legs that helps some people. Eat bananas too. The extra potassium helps. Water, water, water!!! Stay hydrated. Muscles don't like to be dehydrated and that will cause discomfort and it's just not good to allow yourself to become dehydrated.

    Good luck. Hang in there!



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    Quote Originally Posted by Catrina View Post
    Heating pads were my best friends. I used two of the largest ones I could find using one wrapped around each leg set on low.
    Hi Catrina. Would you mind telling me the brand name of the heating pads and the store if you purchased them online?

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