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"Light" codeine habit for 8+ years; all aboard the cold turkey struggle bus
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    Default "Light" codeine habit for 8+ years; all aboard the cold turkey struggle bus

    In 2007 I was prescribed fioricet with codeine for chronic migraines that couldn't be treated with anything else. Since my first prescription I was hooked. My doctor didn't monitor my usage and I was essentially given unlimited refills.

    Fast forward to 2013, been using 6 years, taking about 60mg of codeine daily just to function. On days I didn't medicate I was an empty shell. My doctor loses her practice, cue the freak out. Like a true addict I found a new doctor, however this one has begun to catch on that I'm not using the pills solely for migraines. I refilled the prescription a few times a little too soon and he basically told me if I want to continue getting the script I need to come in for visits every couple months.

    Feeling like a criminal I refused to come in and thus have zero pills. It's been about two weeks and I feel like I'm feeling the worst of it now. I am so psychologically addicted to codeine, and I'm not sure if it's even possible with such a low dose. I cannot sleep, I'm having atrocious nightmares, constant headaches and I'm an emotional mess. Every time I feel a little bit of stress my brain goes right to the pills. I can't even take a vitamin without feeling a jolt of excitement waiting for it to "kick in".

    Not sure if anyone can relate to low dose long term usage but I'm feeling alone here. How do you kick a habit that is so much more than the physical need? I used to be so full of life and now I feel dead inside. I've never felt ready to quit this before until now, I'm just feeling a bit down and really sick of this insomnia. When does it stop?!

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    Sorry nobody has replied yet. Welcome to the board! How are you doing today?

    To answer your question you should start feeling a little better about 5-7 days after your last dose, but the insomnia can stick around a while. It should get better with time. Hang in there and don't give up hope. Read the stories here, I found it helped me a lot.

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    Hello Chriscantsleep, hope you have gotten some help here,I can't find anyone to help me,guess I'm all alone here !
    How have you been ? Any luck getting help to get off the Codine?

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