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little relapse please help
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    Default little relapse please help

    ok so i was off opanas and other pain medication for 2 months ...i relapsed and started using opanas here and there for about little more than a week...i would use 10 mg a day and other days i wouldn't have anything at all...right now i do not want to use anymore i was wondering what kind of side effects will i have if i stop using now...will they be as bad as last time...because last time i was using for years and my life started feeling normal again and didn't need anything for those 2 months now i am on them again but i haven't been on them that long...i was wondering what kind of side effects or wds will i see from using for a week...and id say i didn't do more than 100mg in that week time frame...if someone can give me some help ....hopefully it wont be that bad because i wasn't using for an extended period of time ..please give me some information because i cannot find any on the web thank you

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    Hi Tap,

    Everyone is different, I think. I can only tell you my experience but others will chime in and share their's. First of all, I'm glad that you are not letting this go any further. You are walking a very dangerous line here and I know that you know that!

    The fact that you weren't using everyday at least works in your favor. Having said that one pill, that's right, ONE flips that switch in your brain and is the green light to begin the chase....again. Oh yes, I've been there, done that. I thought what the he**, one won't hurt so I'd take that one and wait to see what happens. I'd enjoy that one pill and because no withdrawal set in the next day thought all is good. A day or two later, again, what the he** and I'd take another. Before I knew it I was in deeper than ever. Having said that I'm sorry. Your post indicates that you already know all this. For me, after a week of on and off use of small quantities like what you describe the physical stuff didn't slow me down. It was the mental I struggled with, as always. One more, then I'll stop. STOP NOW! What I experienced was a bit of anxiety fighting the desire for just one more and the decision to not give in. I'm coming up on 2 yrs clean and I still have those days. It's just easier for me now to not back down and start the cycle all over again. You'll get there too but not before you say no, see what happens and then deal with whatever this episode is about to hand out.

    Good luck. Make the right decision and don't look back.



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