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Long time Vicodin and Percocet user getting free
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    Default Long time Vicodin and Percocet user getting free

    I am a pastor with a family history of addiction. I realized many years ago my own tendency toward dependency and have done well with certain safeguards built in to my life. That is until back surgery in 2003 followed by more ruptured discs and excessive scar tissue development revealed in a 2009 MRI. I was on perc 10/650 for for around 18 months and then decided to cut back to Vicodin 5/500 around a year ago. I've been taking 120 per month but always runout early. This isn't because of physical pain so much as the addiction itself. I ran out Sunday about two weeks too early and made the decision to get free from the meds. I've been reading the posts on other threads and see that my w/d symptoms pretty much mirror everyone else's on the forum. I'm now on day 4 of no meds and have really gotten along pretty well. The sleeplessness is bothersome but not insurmountable and the leg aches are pretty much gone. If you are struggling with addiction and want to get free, this forum is an excellent resource for you. I can also tell you that you can do it. I feel like I'm prett much out of the woods now and am thankful that I am. If you have chronic sciatica, as some I'm sure do, cymbalta has done more for my actual pain than the pain meds ever have. I'm not advocating to replace one addiction with another, as withdrawal from cymbalta is horrendous, but I can take one cymbalta in the evening and it makes the pain manageable for 24 hours. Because of the issues structurally in my back, I'm not interested in any more surgeries and narcotics seriously make the pain worse, not better. Hang in there everyone! I'm praying for your deliverance!

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    I hope you are getting through ok. I know it is tough. I have chrnic pain due to cancer trouble and the meds help me to function like a normal person, however I have come off them twice to check my pain level, So I am not credible in being clean but I do understand. I hope you get through this and back to your flock in no time

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