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Looking for help and support with using subs to help with opiate withdrawl
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    Exclamation Looking for help and support with using subs to help with opiate withdrawl

    Hi Everyone

    I have a history with using pain meds...specifically norco 10mg tablets, around 8-12 per day, 15 mg at a time. I recently got some suboxone from a friend who also uses opiates and am interested in using it to help with the opiate withdrawl that is a few days away. I have a ton of questions! I've never used it before.

    I have maybe 30 norcos left. Should I wean from those before I start the suboxone?

    The suboxone strips say 8mg/2mg on the packet...confusing, no? Is it 8mg or 2mg?

    Where and when should I start with the suboxones...and I only have 3 strips, is that enough? I am under the impression that I will be cutting those down, so they should last a week or so right?

    Any and all advise would be so greatly appreciated. Just knowing I am leading up to this has given me anxiety already. I do also have a few benzo's to help with that if I am able to take them while using the subs. But the anxiety is also aleviated a bit knowing I have meds to help with withdrawl, and I am trying to keep a positive mental attitude. But, of course, I'm still worried. I am looking for someone to walk the next week or two next to me during this process.

    So glad to be here.

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    It's 8MG of buprenorphine and 2MG of naloxone. Try not to be overly anxious about this, i know it's hard not to, but our minds will be tricky at this time and convince you of things that arent real or true, it will try to keep you using if it can - that's the nature of the addicted brain.

    You should get more subs and weaning is not necessary. If you CAN wean, just continue on that route and don't get involved with the subs at all if you don't have to. If you do, the follow this taper guide by Robert325

    Take the first 2mg strip, after you are already in withdrwal. Technically scoring a 26 on the COWS worksheet. This generally occurs 24-27 hours after last dose. So give yourself the time and carve out a day of feeling like utter crud so that you can begin taking the sub without any precipitated withdrwals from taking it too early.

    Stay positive. You found the right place - there are all kinds of supportive, knowledgeable and caring individuals on this forum.

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    I don't know anything about Suboxone but I wish you the best of luck. Be strong, fight the good fight.

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