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    I guess I can start by saying. I never thought I would end up like this. I've been around heavy prescription drugs my entire life because my mother and father were both terminally ill. I guess my addiction started about a few yrs after selling pills only to help my parents make ends meet. I did this only because they asked me to and they were losing their home. I did this for yrs but never took them never enjoyed pain pills they made me so nauseated. Anywho I thought why are they making all this money when I could be doing the same and I went and got a script I knew I had bulging disc's. So got the script I'm making a **** ton of money. Anywho my sister ends up dying on the operation table for a simple procedure. That's when everything changed. I forced myself to become addicted. I saw the people who would buy them when they took them the seemed so chill like all their problems melted away. I wanted to be numb and it worked first I started a couple on the weekend. Like seriously 1 or 2 because they made me that sick to the stomach. Then eventually that wore off and I actually like that feeling they gave me. 5 yrs later my habit so bad I'm buying off the street my parents past away. I lost my home car everything. I had a job making 900_1200 a week plus extra income that totalled 1200. Now I'm sleeping in someone else's house. I've lost everything my family included. I tried to quit maybe twice before this last time by taking subs for a couple days just to get over the worst part of withdraw but this last time I needed to experience the whole process. I had a 200 dollar a day habit. It makes me so angry to know how much money I have wasted. Now I'm on day 8 being clean I had a minor slip took a pill at the beginning but after talking to my wife got back on track. Kids don't do drugs. I can't wait to laugh cry taste smell again. I've always had problems with panic attacks and general anxiety and depression, so none of that scares me. What took me so long to finally do it I just didn't want to

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    Hey Sodone, Welcome to the forums! CONGRATS on making the jump and your clean days as well. I get not wanting to get off the meds, took me years and years to finally do it myself. What matters though, is claiming your life back which you're doing right now. These forums are a great place for support, and as you rack up clean time might be worth looking into some face to face support as well, NA or AA meetings or one-on-one counseling. Just something to think about. Keep posting to let us know how you're doing, and hope you have a GREAT day!!
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