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Methadone 12 years for pain, then Roxycodone, now on 5th day or 6th. When ? ?????
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    Default Methadone 12 years for pain, then Roxycodone, now on 5th day or 6th. When ? ?????

    Hi folks.

    I became ill with something back in 2k when I was working. I went to multiple doctors and many said I was either depressed or had MS at first, then something else, then after spending my money I was going to use on retirement I went to a wonderful pain doc and surgeon who dx'd me with ME. I was also in an accident in the 90's where I was hit by a train. Don't ask. I didn't break anything, but it was like fighting Mike Tyson and loosing. I was sore for I think 4 months on and off, but they looked me over and said I was ok. Then I had stomach problems and had a gallbladder operation where I about bled to death and was in ICU for about 3 days and the hospital for like 8 days. I've never really been well since. So anyway, I was put on Methadone at 5mg and eventually to 40mg for the pain in my joints and glands and such. This was over a period of about 4 to 5 years before I was at 40mg. I think I might have been at 50 for awhile, but I asked to go down.
    Anyway, recently the DEA has been raiding doctors, in my area and one in my hometown, and another near by, all pain doctors, etc, and my doc and I talked and he said he wanted to wean me off. I have no problem with that, and so he started by 10mg less first month. So it was 30mg and one Roxy codone 15mg a day. Then the second month 20mg less, and 2 roxycodone, etc, until the third month was 10mg for 2 weeks and then 5mg of methadone for the remaining two weeks and then 3 roxycodone a day at 15mg. I have been on the Roxycodone for 2 months and in the second month quit.

    Well, I decided I'd just quit on my own because I was going thru hell. for the last month especially. Now it's been about 6 days since I took anything for pain besides cold meds over the counter and immodium and my normal BP meds. I'm 54 this next month.

    My question, and I know it's a tough one, but any support would be great. I've not been able to work I've been so weak this last week, but I did have a better day on the 4th day, but now I'm as weak as I was on day 3 it seems. Is this normal?
    The pain is not as bad, but my legs continue to drive me nuts. I did have something doc gave me months ago for the legs called Clonipen and I used them for 2 days, but then saw online they are addictive physically. So, I stopped that.
    How long does this hell on earth last. I'm also very emotional and just have terrible bouts of sadness for no apparent reason? Is this normal?

    I had posted on here before and I forget who answered but this person said someone on here might have more experience with Methadone withdrawal and I'm wondering if I'm still going thru that as well or ?

    Thanks in advance.
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    I went from methadone to suboxone
    You have some days under your belt
    So just keep going ..

    If you go to the Thomas Receipe on here
    The suggestions of OTC
    And supplements really do help..

    Minus the benzo which is addicting like the klonipin.

    There is clonidine which is a blood pressure med
    That has been used for opiate withdrawals for years.
    It really does help..
    Hylands restless leg works very well..
    For restless anything..

    I still take the supplements on the list ..
    They really help ..

    Hopefully you are drinking lots of
    And getting
    Extra protein

    Exercise will be the greatest help .
    I know you don't feel like you can
    But any little bit helps

    You have to get your natural endorphins flowing again .
    Doing something you feel proud of
    Gets your endorphins going

    Like being proud of how far you have come..
    It will pass .
    I think we forget that even people that don't take opiates
    Have good days and bad days..

    But honestly my worst day opiate free is
    Better than my best day
    On pain pills..
    Stay hydrated
    Hide your clocks if you have a tendency to watch them

    And realized how special you are to get off of opiates
    Especially methadone..
    They don't call it liquid handcuffs for nothing..

    Now you don't have to have any pill to function..
    That is awesome..

    Will check with you later
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    Hi Bette,
    Thank you for the reply, but I still have terrible weakness and now pain that I had before. I hate to say it, but man, I don't know. I don't have insurance and or medicaid, etc,. I self pay. I only work part time and my GF works, but we don't make much money. I've never really abused the meds or anything like that. Just because the government is cracking down. I don't mind trying though, but man, this is very hard. I'm not able to work the last week and I'm doubting I'll be able to next week even though In only work about 3 to 4 days a week part time. I've been that weak.
    I do try to do some exercise and have been walking, eating lots of fruits and veggies, etc, but I don't really have much confidence in any recipe that doesn't have any science behind it. Not that it doesn't work, I just don't know and I'm betting it's expensive. :-) That said, I'm on about day 7 now I think and although I have al ittle more energy, I'm still only about 10% of what I had when I was well many years ago.. I'm really weak.. that and the pain.. Tim

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    Hi there..
    I am a 4n so I know a little about
    Wanting evidence based info..

    But withdrawals are not things most Drs have gone through..
    This receive is supplements
    And OTC meds
    That have helped 1000s while they were detoxing..
    Although not science written
    It is very true..
    Opiate create a sludge in our digestive system so
    Methadone in particular makes it next to impossible for our stomach
    To absorb nutrients..
    So at the least I would suggest a good multi vitamin
    It doesn't have to be expensive..
    Minerals help too..
    That is only thing our body's don't create and potassium is one that can help
    With restless legs..

    There are a couple of teas that help with sleep and anxiety..

    I work at a big hospital / organization..
    For the past 20+ years..
    And we are now incorporating holistic things into our practices..
    We do aroma therapy in the intensive care unit.

    We are much more than just our bodies..

    Not is the time to develop some healthy habits to treat our bodies..

    Even if you didn't abuse your medications..
    Your body doesn't know the difference..
    Opiates have a place in medicine for acute pain..
    2-3 weeks..
    After that they create a lot of problems
    Abused or not..

    I would not say you won't be able to go to work next week..
    This is such a mental thing..
    If you expect to feel bad
    You will..

    Most of us did much better at work..
    I would say 85% of us thought we couldn't go at different times of our detox..
    But when we did go
    We felt better and it was easier than sitting at home alone in our thoughts..

    I hope you will take a look at the Thomas receive..
    Not written by a dr
    But written by someone who succeeded with it
    And to help others..

    I would eliminate the benzo in it.
    You are to far along for that..
    It will get better..

    You have to push yourself..
    Surprisingly my pain is better off the opiate..
    Will check with you later
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    I tried to fix my typos but took to long..
    If you don't understand some thing please let me know..
    These are just my opinions
    And I share them with you not to tell you what to do
    To let you know you are not alone
    And it will get better..

    Just take it minute by minute..
    Take care

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    Hi Bette,
    I appreciate your writing me back. I have been taking a vitamin. I also have taken wellbutrin for energy, but I can't tell it helps. Doc gave it to me. 150mg xl once a day. I also take Nurontin at night. Probably spelled wrong. It helps with the RLS. But, my energy level is so, so, sooooo low. When I first became ill.
    I went to many docs, and finally I was dx'd with ME. I'm wondering if that's the problem with the energy level or it's both or it's just the withdrawal. But, I've not had methadone for 5 weeks. Just roxycodone 15mg x 3 daily for about 4 weeks and then tapered to one a day and then stopped. It's been 7 days now with it. But, I was on methadone for about 12 or 13 years total.
    I try to keep a positive attitude, but it's been really hard because I have days where I'm so angry and then so emotional for no reason, etc,. Never had this before being ill, and or on meds either for that matter.
    Thank you again for your response. I'm supposed to work tomorrow and I'm doubtful, but I'm going to try. I am having a terrible time sleeping even with the Nurontin. Not that my legs are near as bad. I'm on 400mg of it at night. One pill. It does help the sleep, but it makes me dizzy, etc,. I'm also on a BP med that I've been on for awhile that I can't remember now, but it has two meds, one that releases a chemical in your kidney and keeps your heart from beating or something. I can't remember I'm also extremely foggy tonight and have terrible foggy days and nights. Hate that the most as I used to use my brain for a living and being ill made that go away. I have asked for counseling at a local non for profit place here locally. I'm worried they'll try to put me on more meds such as suboxone, etc,. I don't like Shrinks. They don't have evidence based medicine to me. They have a magic book called the DSMV or whatever it's called and it's purely based on the intelligencia agreement so to speak of shrinks. Unlike a heart doc who can use a machine to see your heart valve isn't working and can be empirically proved. I'm not saying they are wrong, but if you make a claim, it's up to you that makes the claim to prove it. :-)
    P.S. I dated a girl in Indy that was a NP. My ex wife is a RN.
    So thank you for what you do by the way. You folks are angels in white. Not that I believe in Angels or the Easter bunny or Santa.. being an empiricist' and lover of philosophy. :-)

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    Thank you Tim..
    There is a vitamin called tyrosine with b/6 in it
    That helps with energy
    You can take up to 4000 mg a day

    I took it for awhile
    It helps
    I was on methadone for 10+ years too
    Then went to suboxone for 9 months
    Now 5 months off everything

    It was realitively easy to go to suboxone
    They taper the sub

    I had been off all opiates for years
    Then got in a car accident

    Maybe you could ask your dr about going up on the neuron tin

    My friend is on 3 x more than you for sleep
    And it helps

    Rather than adding another med

    I know hey lands restless leg an OTC counter med works for rls
    Melatonin for sleep.

    I choose to stay on the suboxone that long
    For a couple of reasons..

    I worked through most of it without any issues..

    I wish you the best
    Continue to post it usually really helps

    As u know these are just suggestions
    That I and others have used..
    It is your decisions what to do!

    But you are incredibly strong to have made it this far..

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    Hey Bette,
    I appreciate the help. I think I went thru the withdrawal, but the illness that causes the pain is overwhelming. I finally went ahead and refilled my other script for Roxy codone, and I didn't want to do so, but the pain is too much. I can't take it. I mean, I'm not that strong. Maybe I should be, but I can't explain the burning pain, etc,. I do have a Neurontin script for one tablet at night 400 mg, but it doesn't work that well. It does help with sleep a tad bit, but I have a terrible time with that as well as the RLS and the burning pain is the worse. I also have terrible pain in my glands under my arms, and in my neck. It's like a rope is around my neck and someone is trying to strangle me or something. I can't explain the pain. The problem is not the meds for me. I'd quit taking the damn things tomorrow if I didn't have the pain. I'm really, really really scared of the pain. I mean, I'm much more scared of it than the withdrawal, although it's bad too! I made it a total of 11 days and couldn't take it anymore. Anyway, I wanted to thank you. I don't have any money and have been so weak I can't work. I mean I've tried. The one thing about the methadone is that it at least worked. I'm going to talk to the doc one more time and if that doesn't work I'm going to try suboxone maybe. I don't have insurnace though and I hear it's really expensive and not cheap to find a doc that can prescribe it. My pain doc may be able to, but I'm not sure as I don't think he also treats addiction, but I know he sends people to rehab as he told me he did so at least twice a week. Or he had a paper that I had to sign that said this is the reason for the pee tests, etc, which I always passed, etc,. I hate taking meds, but I hate the pain worse!
    Thanks again.
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