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Need advice-oxy addiction
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    Unhappy Need advice-oxy addiction

    Hi, I have been reading this site since I found it three weeks ago. It actually gave me courage to tell my dr. about my addiction, along with some family members.

    I have been taking 80mg oxy. a day for 5 years, without anyone knowing, except my supplier.

    My Doctor was very dissapoined, but offered to help me.

    He gave me a prescription for three 20 mg (60 mgs a day ) for one week
    then two 20 mgs (40mgs) for one week.

    Then he will give me two 10 mgs (20 mgs) a day for one week.

    And I guess then he will bring me down to 10 mgs a day and so on.

    I have never tried coming off these pills before, it seems to me this plan is too fast.

    Has anyone here done it this way before, or do you think it can work.

    I am sooooo ready to get off these pills and get my life back.

    I have not started this taper yet. I really need some advise from some of you who know more about this. My Dr. said I am the first patient he has helped in this way, he is not an addiction Dr.

    Any advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    Hi, wan1234, first of all, I would post to the "need to talk" section of this board. You have a very understanding Dr. Oxy's weren't my DOC, however, there are many people here who have been in your situation. Rule of thumb when tapering is .25 every 4-5 days or so, everyone is different. Your taper is pretty close, but I'm no expert with tapering. Never could have done it and went the c/t route. You sound like you're really ready to get this over with and it is doable. Will you experience w/d while tapering, again, everyone is different. However, there are people on the "need to talk" forum that have kicked Oxy and would know better than I do. The best thing is to be committed to kicking this drug out of your life. And you sound like you're definitely ready!


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