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Need Guidence and Support. Addicted to Oxy/Methadone 9 months
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    Unhappy Need Guidence and Support. Addicted to Oxy/Methadone 9 months

    Hi everybody. I'm completely new to this forum and just discovered it a few days ago. So many amazing stories of recovery has given me hope to kick the habit. I know everyone's story is different so I thought I might post mine in hope of guidance. Ill try to tell my story quickly and precise.

    For the last few years 'ive always taken opiates on occasion in small 10-15mg doses to help with my anxiety whenever they came available. It was completely under control and I would maybe take that 10-15mg each day for 2-5 days depending on how much I acquired. After the fun was over I would not experience withdrawals and moved on with my life until the next time. Well, I did that for 2 years up until 8 months ago when I started to have access to get the more frequently and I was arrogant to the fact of becoming addicted and being able to kick the habit whenever. (I know, thats alot of people downfall)

    (Month 1-3) I was taking about 15mgs of oxy every night and had it pretty well in control, by enlarge.

    (Month 4-5) I was having serious relationship issues and fell off the wagon which spun me out of control and I was taking more and more and more to numb the heartache and anxiety. By the end of the 5th month I was probly up to 15mg twice a day.

    (Month 6-7) The tolerance started to grow and I also introduced snorting them to get the quicker high and effect even though the relief didnt last as long. I think because of the snorting it seems to have shot my tolerance sky high and I looked to methadone for an alternative. At that point the dones seemed to be a godsend because of how long they lasted and I would only have to take 10mg of dones and feel the same as taking 30-40mg of oxy a day. No more waking up after 4 hours of sleep in full withdrawals and sweats as I go into straight withdrawals 4 hours after taking the oxys. I kept bouncing back and forth between dones and oxys depending on what were available at the time.

    (Month 8-9 to Present) I got up to taking 20mgs of methadone a day or 50-60mgs of oxy and I hate myself for letting it get this far. I know it doesnt seem like that much to alot of people on here since ive seen people taking 100-300mg a day but I just want to stop. Im tired of the hunt and how its consuming my life. Seeking help from friends and connects to let them know I wanted to taper off and kick this habit I was introduced to subutex. I bought eight 8mg orange ones with the crest moon and was told to take 1/8 of a pill or 1mg and it would take my withdrawals away for the whole day. I only have about one more days left of oxy and im out. Im praying that these subutex will help me kick the habit with little to no discomfort given my anxety issues. Suffering from withdrawal and anxiety send me straight into panic attacks. Overall I took more oxy than dones so I hope using this subutex will help hooked on that. Im just scared and alone and would love some guidance and advice on what I need to do and/or how to manage these 8mg subutex's

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    Can I be real with you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mychoices123 View Post
    Can I be real with you?


    Please start a new thread and tell us a little about you and what brings you here. Are you detoxing and in need of help and support? We would like to get to know you a little better.

    As for this member you're posting to, you'll see they haven't been back since their original post on Oct. 31st. They may not see your reply?


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