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Need help coping with Vicodin withdrawl
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    Default Need help coping with Vicodin withdrawl

    Ive been on pain killers for 3 years now and I have kicked em a few times using short term suboxone but now I'm out of subs and I don't really want to go down tht path again so I've got neurontin and the only thing I am tryin to keep at bay is the RLS I can handle the rest just fine but I'm wondering what can I use to relive the pain. I have gabapentin, Motrin 800, and Xanax please help I'm close to snapping

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    How are you doing? How much vike per day? Potassium and magnesium for the RLS: Also hyland's restful leg. Are you aware that the suboxone is much, much, much stronger than vicodin? You are much better off suffering through the 3-5 day vicodin w/d than you are going through w/d to suboxone. I do not know what pain you are in, but I can tell you that the first few days of nothing your pain is exaggerated, the brain is screaming for the narcotic and now you don't have it anymore. For most people the pain diminishes for some the long term pain they think they had goes away. Drink Plenty of water and treat the symptoms.


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    Going thru it too. I have also been using immodium and Kratom during the day and small amt of nureronton. during the day. I have trazadone for nights it is better but tiring the first few days. Day 4 for me.

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