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Norco Taper Help Needed-Laurie Shay? Are you out there?
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    Default Norco Taper Help Needed-Laurie Shay? Are you out there?

    I need help with a plan to wean myself off hydrocodone. I started taking it due to various sports injuries. Now I find that I am taking it every day whether I need it or not. It hasn't caused problems in my life yet, but I can see potential for this happening and do not want to go there. I am a mother, an athlete, and a leader at work. I cannot get sick or fall down in any way. I take about 6 pills of 7.5/325 per day. I have a pretty much unlimited ability to refill the prescription as needed, so weaning time is not an issue.

    I saw a previous post in which Laurie Shay had given someone a very specific weaning schedule and Inwould truly appreciate help with my situation if she has time. I need to be finished with this drug. Hopefully someone can help me with a schedule and timing for tapering off this.


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    You are really not taking that much hydro. Rule of thumb is 25% of your dose every four days. However, you are on a low enough dose to c/t this. Hydro w/d is usually around 3-5 days of discomfort. If you want to taper work out the math. You can do this. Me? I could never taper. Went the c/t with the Thomas Recipe. You can do this! Bravo for you. I don't know who laurie shay is, but leaving the hydro behind is totally doable, if you're committed to getting this behind you. Good Luck


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