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Norco, you little devil you.
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    Default Norco, you little devil you.

    First time poster after reading many existing threads on quitting Norco (10/325). Short lead-up: Diagnosed with 6" tumor in lung in 2010 (I was 55 years old at the time). Had entire left lung removed from my chest which was a ton on fun.

    Two more surgeries since then, 80 rounds of radiation, 39 rounds of chemotherapy, and a 5% chance of surviving to 2015. A challenging fight for a disappointing 5-year prognosis. The oncologist persuaded me to take Norco to help offset the terrible effects of cancer treatment, which where more global in nature (full body pain, fatigue, etc.) than localized pain. With a 5% chance of surviving, my thinking was (and I presume theirs was too)... why not keep him comfortable until the end?

    Well doggone if I didn't survive, three times now, against this horrific disease. But the affinity for Norco remains and continues to be prescribed: 2 every 4 hours, or 12 each day. I just finished my last round of treatments (for now) and am ready to be off Norco. I don't know if there are residual pains from my surgeries that have been masked by the continual use of Norco, but I'm about to find out.

    I decided to taper - a method that worked for me in quitting other addictive habits: Regular 12 on Sunday, 4 on Monday, 3 on Tuesday, 2 Wed (today), 1/2 twice tomorrow (Thur), none on Friday.

    So Today, Wednesday.... not too bad; Monday and Tuesday had many more chills and flu-like symptoms. Didn't sleep well last night but do have Valium and Atavan to help as needed. Definitely having trouble with muscle strength/fatigue (very weak) and dizziness (low BP, 105/70, a constant issue during chemo)... all party due to missing one complete lung; uncomfortable but tolerable.

    Thank you for listening to this while I face down this Demon. I can't wait for a clearer mind, stronger body, and a renewed wish to participate in LIFE as dictated by me and not some drug. I hope to report in another week that the fog is lifting, the cravings are lessening, and Norco is no longer coursing through my views.

    God bless you all.

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    Hi, and welcome. It's always so wonderful to read about someone who made it through after being given such a low survival rate. Looks like you are blessed. I can't imagine what you went through with the surgeries and endless treatments.

    I just wanted to show some support and wish you luck with your taper. I had a nasty addiction to Norco (and any other opiate) for many years. I'm currently tapering off Subutex which is a whole other monster. I've been through withdrawal many times and know what you're going through.

    Keep us posted on your progress. Also, you may want to copy & paste your first post onto a new thread on the Need To Talk board. There's a lot more traffic there.

    All the best,
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    Hi Kat- Thanks for the quick reply. I saw a few folks being asked to re-post to the thread you mentioned: "Need to Talk", but didn't find it myself. Would you please reply with a link... and I'll place it there.

    You've been through the ringer yourself, I just raised you up in prayer - let's make this the last time for you! God Bless you, Les

    (Nevermind... I found it. Thanks!)
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