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Oxycodone addiction
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    Default Oxycodone addiction

    Hi, My wife is going to go cold turkey today from oxycodone. She has been on and off opiates for the last 10 years. It has all been prescribed to her, She is a chronic pain patient She is 59 and says she just can't do it anymore. She wanted to go on Suboxone but she is very allergic to naloxene. she was given suboxone about three years ago and it affected her motor skills so bad that she had no control over her legs or arms, she couldn't even hold a cup of coffee with out slinging it all over the floor. I told the Dr at the rehab that something is wrong but he just looked at me like I was crazy and said these are withdraw affects. By then, my wife was in a wheel chair.I checked her out and she stopped all that crazy motor skills wildness! She has also lost her motor skills on Lyrica but it was not as bad but it was not right either she could not even write, cook or walk a straight line! Wellbutrin makes her walk backwards. This may all sound strange but I promise I am telling the truth. I have seen her go through all kinds of bad drug side affects and awful withdrawals! She wanted to get on a Methadone Program but I strongly disagreed with her and she changed her mind. She was given Subutex at a rehab once and she was told them that she couldn't take it but they told her it would not do that so she tried it and was fine and out of the rehab in 5 days. When she got home she looked up both meds and found out the difference. My wife and I would like for her to take Subutex but everyone we talk to says a DR will not give it out, I don't understand, they gave it to her in Rehab? So, my wife is going to go cold turkey today and I am so worried for her. She bought this stuff called Kratom that she read about on the internet that it helps pain and withdrawals! How long will the withdrawals last? It is Saturday August 16 and we have to go to Texas on September 3rd because her Brother is passing from Liver Damage! Anyone have any suggestions on how I can help her! Does anyone know about getting on Subutex. Is it possible? I love my wife, but I am so tired of this merry go round!!!

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    Hi Bine
    can you tell us how much oxycodone your wife was taking a day??? and yes you can get subutex from Doctors I got it from a couple doctors...and what illness does your wife helps to know this stuff so we dont miss anything and have a little insight..

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    Good morning Bine! I don't think Kratom is the answer. Here are some things that will help some are already on the Thomas Recipe, you can look that up.

    Immodium, some say liquid is best
    Gatorade: helps with cramping
    Hyland's Restful Leg or Calme's Forte
    Plenty of water and good fruit juices: STAY AWAY from energy drinks
    A good mineral supplement, magnesium
    vitamin supplement
    EXERCISE: this gets your natural endorphines producing again, so important even a little walk around.
    Serene L-theanine/ valarian root either for anxiety.
    melatonin or other OTC sleep aid
    Lethargy: L-tyrosine with B-6

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