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Oxycodone tapering
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    Default Oxycodone tapering

    Questions for ya all: I've had a series of hard knee and shoulder surgeries (5 total over 4 years). As a result, I ended up on a very high dose of Oxycodone. Now that I have all the surgeries behind me, I'm working with a pain specialist to taper. I'm currently taking

    1 60 mg Oxycontin at night
    5 15 mg Oxycodone durring the day
    4 30 mg Oxycodone durring the evening time

    After the 4th surgery I got as low as 60 mg total Oxy (combine all pills) / day.

    Part of the problem, My Dr believes, is that my liver has become so efficient at processing the meds, that they don't last very long.

    Question: If I start to use different meds, say a combination of Opana, Hydrocodone and Oxycodone (IR or ER) will I have an easier time of tapering because I can go to a lower dose simply because my body is not used to Opana or Hydrocodone?

    Thanks for any constructive input!!

    FYI: My Dr tried to get me to switch to 100 mcg of Fentanyl via a patch. I tried it but the drug scared the heck out of me and I switched back. I felt the going to Fentanyl was accepting drugs forever, and I fully intend to ween off this stuff, even if it takes me a year.

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    Hey Mr C....
    Tapering off Oxy is Tough, Especially if you have unlimited access to them....Ive been battling Oxy addiction for quite some time now and I got Clean last year using Suboxone....Recently this year I relapsed and didnt want to go the "Subs" route again so I tapered off the Oxy...I WAS Successful but it wasnt easy! Having a bottle full of "Blues" and not taking handfuls was tough! But I did it...and you can too.
    Your on Quite a Large amount of Oxy/day, as I was...I was doing anywhere from 150mg upwards to 300mgs/day depending on availability and Money!
    If you go back and read some of my Threads you will see just how I did it, and the dosages/Drops I used to finally make the Jump....
    if you have any questions, please dont hesitate to ask...I havent had time lately to get on this forum as much as I would like, as my son is home on leave, but I will try to check back in on you....
    Hope this Helps!
    Good Luck to you!

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    Can someone tell me how I can taper from oxycodode. Im at an EXTREMELY high dose now after years of back surgeries and now my tolerance is so high and Im at such a high dose that Im terrified that Im going to die if I stop. Can someone offer a step by step guide to tapering safely?

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    very close to the same dose, for 6 years, quit 9 days ago: see thread DAY 1 too DAY 10 COLD TURKEY

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