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Oxycodone Tapering Symptoms
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    Default Oxycodone Tapering Symptoms


    I have been on Percocet for over 2 years for a spinal injury. By this last December I was taking 60mg per day (10/325). Because it had gotten increasingly difficult to get my prescription filled (new drug laws, pharmacy doesn't carry, etc), I started taking 40 mg per day as I was afraid of running out & going into cold turkey detox, something I didn't want. (I didn't tell my doctor I did this because he is virtually unreachable in between appts.) But when I did tell him, he said I had reduced by too much & told me to start reducing by only 5mg (half a pill) every two weeks. So now I'm at 30.5 mg per day, 3.5 pills.

    When I jumped from 60mg to 40mg I had terrible stomach pain & anxiety/agitation & one of my pupils was larger than the other for a day or two. The doctor said those are withdrawal symptoms. But even after slowing down the taper I'm still having stomach cramps every day for most of the day. Is this normal during tapering? Will I have the horrible cramps & massive anxiety for the duration of the taper til I'm done completely?
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    Hey Tuesday, welcome to the forums! I can only speak to my experiences with tapering (which I did for years), but I definitely experienced less symptoms when I did very small tapers versus larger ones. I always dealt with a few symptoms, sometimes lasting just a few days to several days, but when I did little cuts it definitely helped me reduce the cramps etc.

    It could be that you're still experiencing some of those symptoms because you did such a large cut at the start. Even just reducing a smaller amount now, your body still needs time to adjust to the new dosage. None of this happens overnight, and every time you reduce, even just a little bit, your body needs to get used to that new dosage. From my experience those symptoms will pass.

    One thread on here that really helped me, especially during my last tapers, is the Thomas Recipe Thread. I'll leave a link to it at the bottom of this post. I'd avoid the benzos if you're not already on them, but other than that some great information. I think by starting some of those supplements etc. before I was completely off the meds just helped me in the long run.

    Another thing I had to really remember is to stay hydrated during each of my jumps. A lot of times I'd get so caught up in the cramps etc. that I wasn't drinking enough water, or eating bananas, taking potassium supplements etc. That might help some of your cramping and also help keep your system flushed out to get used to the lower dose.

    keep posting and letting us know how you're doing. We're all here to support each other!!

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    Withdrawal from oxycodone usually starts within 8-12 hours of taking the drug, and it peaks in the first 72 hours. Symptoms generally subside in about a week, although some of the psychological effects and drug cravings may persist for longer.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tuesdaynite View Post
    So now I'm at 30.5 mg per day, 3.5 pills.
    You should be tapering over 6 months... not 6 weeks. Also, like right here where you are at 50% of your starting dose... sit here for 2-3 weeks and let your body adjust. Maybe get some codeine to extend your taper to 6 months.

    If you can switch to codeine it's much easier taper than oxycodone.

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    Oxycodone (Percodan®, Oxycontin®) is a sedative medication, primarily utilized for the help of agony.

    Rehashed utilization of Oxycodone, similar to alternate sedatives, prompts enduring changes in the mind (neuroadaptation) which modify deliberate power over the utilization of the medication.

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    Hi speed jive
    I have been detoxing from codiene for 6 days now I was taking probably 10 tylenol3s a day and i took my last one last Tuesday and it has been hell only the last couple of days of been slowly getting better but should could use some advice on restless legs as they have been relentless and I cant sleep at night I have tried clonidine and valium and lorazepam and now I am trying valarian root. I also tried warming and folding the knees but for 6 nights I sleep about maybe an hour. On top of this I take 2 sleeping pills called zopiclone and still no excess I am trying to not go backwards and get some pills because of how much I have had to go through to get off the tylenol3s

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    I was on oxy for about 5 years I was taking 5 80mg slow release and any percs or quick release oxy I could get so when I finally detoxed they put me on methadone for just under a year and I tapered off of that except when I picked up my last week of methadone you always drink the first one there and I did that but told the pharmisct that something was wrong and it turned out she didnt do the mixing she had the helper do it and instead of 7 bottles of .2 the helper made a bottle of 7.2 and overdosed me

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    Hope you are doing ok!

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