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Is it possible for Naltrexone to permanently block receptors?
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    Default Is it possible for Naltrexone to permanently block receptors?

    I just wondered, as i'm getting quite worried why it hasnt left my system

    I quit taking it 3 months ago

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    Duration and dosage might have something to do with it maybe. My daughter has fibromyalgia. Naltrexone is something that oddly enough helps some fibro patients (it did not for her). Because she's in constant pain from fibro her GYN allows her to take her birth control back to back without any breaks as her periods are ferocious. She only has to take a break when she starts spotting ever 6 months or so. Even though pain meds don't touch fibro pain they help her when she birthing satan as she calls it LOL and let's her period come.

    She stopped naltrexone (very low dose is prescribed for fibro) about 3 weeks ago and is having her period right now and the pain meds are helping her.

    Everyone is different but I thought hearing this one example might help.

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