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    Hi I won't get into too much detail in this post, but I will start by saying words I've never said before. I am an addict. I am addicted to Vicodin. Currently I'm up to roughly 10 a day and have been for the last year or so. I can't do this alone, I am in the medical *field (non clinical in nature) and I am to embarrassed to ask my Doctor for help. I have been reading these threads for sometime now, and just wondering if anyone is interested in being a "quit buddy" I've only withdraws when I couldn't get my hands on pills and its brutal. I am looking for someone who could talk me through it and keep be focused on the grand prize- loving myself again and ending the shame I fee
    Thank you for listening, and I just want to say how I envy all of you who have quit. You all out my heroes, and I hope to someday very soon to join you.

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    There are so many here that understand exactly what you're going thru and what is yet to come.
    We're all "Quit Buddies" !!

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    Hey there! Yes we are all in this together and Trust me... We are all Quit buddy's!!! I have made it through these past 12 days only because of this forum!! Under forums go to "need to talk" and start a thread there, you will find a ton of support, help and advice! People are so willing to help that are going through the exact same thing! There, you will find the courage and support that you need!!!

    BTW.. The fact that your checking into is a huge step in the right direction!! Keep pushing for sobriety!! Your worth it!!


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