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Quitting oxy and getting no sleep!!
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    Unhappy Quitting oxy and getting no sleep!!

    I'm almost through Day 5 of my home detox.

    The nights have been horrific; especially the first night where I went violent and psychotic and tried to escape my house the entire night.

    My sleep has been terrible because of the body aches, restlessness, sweats, chills, etc. I toss and toss and obsess and obsess... I feel like I'm going mad at night. I was taking benzos (clonazepam) and even seroquil and they didn't seem to be helping.

    I've been a bit sneezy so I picked up some benadryl today. Will this help?

    I quit 120mg/day oxy cold turkey, because every time I tried to taper, I would take all the pills.

    Thanks for your advice!


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    have you tried melatonin? 6mg does the trick for me. or nyquil if you must, but i try to avoid the APAP whenever i can.

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