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QUITTING Pain Kilers after 5 years!
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    Default QUITTING Pain Kilers after 5 years!

    I have been taking very high doses of pain kiler medication (roughly 60 - 150 mg) on a daily basis for the past 5+ years. I am ready to finally stop and begin to live a normal and sustainable life.

    I have quit a few times but obviously have been unsuccessful to this point. I have some suboxene to help with the physical withdrawal but it is the mental addiction that has kept me clinging for this long.

    I have 2 questions I am hoping someone and/or anyone can provide insight on:

    1. How long should i expect the physical withdrawal symptoms to last? (I have enough sub to get me through 8 days)

    2. Other than staying busy, what can I do or what have you found helpful in overcoming the daily triggers to help you stay clean? I plan on prayer, staying busy, drinking a lot of water, taking vitamins and excercising as much as huumanly possible.

    Please help me I do not want to live like this any longer!!!!
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    Welcome to the Forum!

    Are you the same poster as Johnst..? You have come to the right place, and will find a lot of support here.

    You may want to start a thread under Suboxone Treatment or "Need to Talk" as many people follow those areas.

    No matter what, keep posting, and you will get support. Some times it is slower on here than others.

    Your first question is hard to answer without more information. When you say you have enough sub to last 8 days, what do you exactly have, and how do you plan to dose?

    There is a taper method that most on this site use, are you familiar with this taper?

    I will watch for an update....keep posting

    Forward and Onward Troops!

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    Good luck coming off your painkillers but be careful with the subs!

    If you really want to stay off opiate pain killers then maybe you should consider going to self help groups like Narcotics Anonymous or AA where they follow a 12 step program.

    Hope it all works out for you anyway ; )

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