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    I have been reading some post on here for the past couple days as I have been going through withdrawal symptoms. I have been taking 10mg between 2-7 a day back and forth I decided I was finally done relying on them and when I almost ripped of the nurses head off when I could not get them and had run out of the previous script. Anyways I pushed through the first couple days, I did go to the hospital on day two because I couldn't stop throwing up. Now I'm on day 6 and my stomach still gets upset from time to time and all day I'm shaky. At night I can't sleep because I'm so restless. Does anyone have any advise and maybe a time measurement of how much longer I have to go before I start to feel like myself again. I was on them for six months and even though my doctor said since I was on such a low dose that I shouldnt have any symptoms, but I was never completely honest to her about how much I was taking and even now I wish I had one just so I can get some sleep!! Any advise would be amazing. I was going to try the Thomas recipe but I dont have the money for any of it.

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    Hi there. What were you taking? You didn't mention. Norco? Percocet?

    If it was a short-acting opiate like Norco, the worst physical symptoms should already be over by day 6. Sleep is the last thing to return to normal, but it will! Have you tried a sleep aid? Like Melatonin or ZQuil? Take a hot bath right before bed. Make sure the room is dark and cool.

    You should copy and paste your post onto a new thread on the Need to Talk board. There's a lot more traffic there. I wish you all the best. Don't ever look back. You're lucky to quit after only 6 months. Many of us spend years on this junk and end up destroying our lives. Be smart. Don't ever go back.

    Hope you get some sleep.

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