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Starting Cold Turkey Tomorrow from Percocet
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    Default Starting Cold Turkey Tomorrow from Percocet

    Hi all,

    Well, as my screen name says, this is for my little girl Julie. Over the past year and a half I have been taking on average 6-7 10mg percocets a day. The odd thing for me though, is that I only start taking them around 2pm. I can usually wake up in the morning and function just fine until about 1:30, that's when I start to feel the urge to take a pill. From there on I take them every 2 hours, sometimes less than that, but generally try to only take halves at a time. Before I go to bed is when I really dig into them. I will take a whole one at about midnight, and then another whole one about 2am (I'm a night owl, always have been). Today I took a whole tablet at 2pm, and didn't take another until around 7:30pm. Sure enough around 4pm I start wanting another one. I am prescribed 4 per day for chronic back pain due to a narrowing of my spine that is hereditary and I do have severe pain. But, it has been two weeks since my fill and I am out. Normally I would weasel around and find ways to get enough from friends until my next appointment, but as you all know, that comes with a heavy price. Since I started this, I slowly lost a successful business, maxed out our credit cards, and we live paycheck to paycheck on my wife's salary which isn't much, so we havn't paid a house payment in about 6 months. Today, since I didn't have enough money to go out and buy some, I went to the doctor and told him that they were stolen. I have always been a good patient, never asking for early fills or bothering him in anyway, so I thought this one time might get me a break. Well, I was wrong, he became suspicious, even though I've been seeing him for over 5 years and we have a great relationship of trust. He said to me "what happens if I give this to you, and then a month later your wife finds out you were an addict, how can I look at her and know I'd done my job". Well, I was not happy because of him not trusting me, but he was so right. When I left I literally broke down, thinking about my daughter, my wife, all the money I had been spending, all the things I could had used that for like buying something for my wife, or my daughter, or paying my bills. Lately I have been just so upset with having to worry about when the 2 weeks comes after my fill, and how I'm going to figure it out. It's not way to live, had my doctor not said those words to me today I wouldn't had come to realize all this. I immediately came home, told my wife everything. She embraced me, what a wonderful women, and asked me what I wanted to do. I told her "I WANT OFF THESE THINGS!!" She asked if that was wise, because she knows I legitimate pain, but I told her that addiction runs high in my family and I just can't control it, I would rather live through life with pain than live through it with having to worry about all this. Also, because the business that I lost was of physical nature, I have since went back to college and am pursuing a degree, I would be the first in my family to hold a degree. I know that this is affecting my schooling. I have maintaing a 3.5 gpa, but somehow the pills always trump anything to do with school or family for that matter. I feel like I'm letting everyone down, and I have the motivation today to stop, and it's real. I don't want these anymore, and I am prepared to go at this cold turkey because I had to do it once about 7 years ago when I was younger, so no, this isn't the first time this happened. I lived for 5 years drug free and that's when I had all my success and the most friends and respect from my community. I want that back, and I have lost it since I've went down this road again. I hate it, sometimes I wish the drugs didn't exist, but I do know that some people can take them w/o abusing and they actually do help severe pain, I know, they did help mine. But, the turned into something to free me from boredom more than a pain killer, so I know now I have to fix this. If not for me for my family that I so love and care about, and my future and education I desire.

    With all that said, I have researched the Thomas Recipe, and am going to get everything I need tomorrow morning for that. I am thinking that because I didn't start taking the meds until 2pm, that I should start until around 1pm. I still have a few left, I figure with those I can take a small amount near bed time to help with the sleep problems. I don't want to do a taper, let me make that clear. I have put myself, and my family through suffering with this, and I want to pay for it so I will always remember it, I am prepared to suffer on this. I just want to get some support and advice on how to not suffer so badly I am prescribed Ambien and also Klonopin, so hopefully the sleep won't be so bad for me. Also, I am thinking because I don't start taking the meds until mid afternoon that this might not be as bad on me as it would if I took them when I first woke up and all through the day and night. So, anyone, please let me know if I'm thinking of this right, and I am prepared to take the step after the physical symptoms go away to keep the monkey off my back forever. I am an extrovert, so meetings are going to be easy for me to go to.

    Thanks for listening, and here's to 6 days in hell Wish me luck and prayers please, and for my family. I'm ready.

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    ForJulie, I am so impressed with your will to fight and desire to be the best you you can be!

    I would love to help you as much as I can, but I will need some more info from you. Did you end up cutting cold turkey? If so how are you doing? You said you took the pain meds for back pain, that always make detoxing tricky because you are battling two things at once. So you really want to make sure you are properly equipped.

    For me, personally, vitamins were my saving grace. They helped me get out of bed in the morning. The ones I would recommend over anything else would be Potassium (they help with restless leg syndrome and the shakes), B-6 and B-12 (This will help with anxiety), and the L-Tyrosone (which is massive because it takes a bit of the edge off). The healthier you eat THE BETTER. Protein shakes, fruits, veggies, ect.
    Most people say to take a hot bath with epsom salt to relieve the muscle aches but the apartment I was staying in while I detoxed didn't have a working bath so I always used a heating pad. Heat is your friend.
    As for the sleep, which the sleep you do get will be fairly miserable, you have to let go of the fact that it won't happen when you want it to. Don't get angry at yourself for not being able to fall asleep, just put on a movie and distract yourself and eventually your body will sleep. Melatonin (chewables work faster) is also great if you are trying to pass out. I would avoid taking things like Benadryl to sleep they MIGHT make you pass out but even they do (and they often don't if you're detoxing) you'll feel incredibly groggy the next day.
    If you get the cold sweats, potassium potassium potassium. And shower as much as you can. It makes you feel human and gives you back some dignity.

    Taking this step is one of the hardest things you could ever do but it is a step towards actually living. Really truly living. Be proud of finally having the desire to be free of your addiction. Just take it step by step, day by day, and you will beat this!!!
    Let us know how you are doing! We are here to help and support you! So please update us!
    Always remember this is not an event this is a process. Be patient with yourself. Much love.


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