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Sub doesn't seem to be working :/
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    Default Sub doesn't seem to be working :/

    Quick recap: Have a pretty big oxycodone habit, 600 mgs daily. It's obviously killing me financially aside from the obvious other ways.
    Anyway, I've used subs in the past here and there for a day or two at a time. Usually just when I don't have the money for my blues.
    Fast forward to today, over $50,000 in debt, I'm done. Spending $700 a day is insane.>

    I have access to subs but they don't seem to be working? I started off small, 2 mgs, waited a while, no relief, took 2 more mgs, still nothing. Kept bumping it up every couple of hours.>

    I'm finally at the point that I'm not so bad that I want to jump off a cliff but what's the deal? Why are they not working like before? Before I could take them and be completely fine. Now I'm still vomiting/diarrhea, impossible to sleep and feel like I want to jump out of my skin. Everything hurts.>

    I'm so sick of this roller coaster. Just want to be done!

    Any input would be great, thank you

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    I posted on your other thread in the Suboxone forum. That's the one to use from now on. Thanks.

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    So, I too recently decided to stop using Norcos 10/325 of which I have used for the past 6-7 years due to a car accident. I have to say my car accident caused me to start using but then my doctor just kept allowing me to get refills. I took any where from 10-13 pills a day and like everyone else I needed those to even feel normal. I am a mother and a manager at work. In the beginning I loved the extra energy at work and now, I have none. I was having a hard time waking up and even getting things done. I decided I was done Thursday and am on day 5 and I am not sure if the worse part is over because I have not yet had any w/d that I could not handle. And here is why. I had read that if you take Cimetidine(Tagamet) 200 mg and then, waited 30 minutes and then took 6-9 pills of loperamide (Imodium) that your w/d would be so minor you could handle them. I had no choice, I took my last Norco Thursday night at 5pm. I went home drank OJ and by 8pm went to be. I woke up at 4am with body aches and anxiety, I knew here comes the hard part. I took a hot shower and took the Tagamet immediately following I drank OJ, and tried to get ready (emphasis on tried) I really sat in bed like a zombie and watched the minutes pass until it was 30 minutes. I then took 9 (2mg) tablets. Exactly 10-15 minutes later I felt that push of energy, I finished getting ready and went along my day. I was able to function without any headaches, body aches or stomach issues for the next 5-6 hours. I didn't wait for those to wear off, at exactly 6 hours I took another Tagamet and after 30 additional minutes I then took 5 more Imodium pills. I was able to function, eat and sleep while on these. Right before bed (10pm) I took 3 more Imodium and slept. I did wake up again several times but without any pain or anxiety. I woke up thinking is it time to get up? Next day I did the same deceasing the Imodium by 2 pills each dose and I did it the same way on the 3rd day. By the 4th, I took nothing and waited for the pain or w/d, I had none. I had a slight soar throat and runny nose but no headache or pain whatsoever, I did not have to miss any work or any of that. Today is the 5th day and I am super soar like I worked out but, am able to function completely. I am taking vitamins and supplements and am looking forward to getting rid of the cravings. I know Imodium makes you think you will be constipated but anyone that uses pain pills knows you get constipated with pills. by the 3rd day I was using the RR regular and for the most part knowing that I drank more fluids then I ate solids! please let me know if I can answer any more questions. Stay strong.

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