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Sub Taper for Vicodin and perc withdrawal Help
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    Exclamation Sub Taper for Vicodin and perc withdrawal Help

    Hey everyone thanks in advance for reading this. Im a 22 year old male. No heath problems. I have been taking vicodin and percacet WITHOUT a script, or rx, I think its referred to on this site. Pardon me if im wrong lol. But I have been taking between 8 and 15 vikes or 5-8 percs in a day. usually vike 10s and perc 10s sometime i use the little pink oxycodone 10 pills as well. same quantities in the roxies as the perc. This has been going on for a little over a year now. I run a very successful home business, wont say what cuz anyone on here that may be from where I am would know its me lol. NO I DONT DO ANYTHING ILLEGAL! But anyways, the pills are starting to effect my work. they are getting harder to find n im sure most of you know how hard it is to work without the pills once your hooked. And to top it all off, I just recently found out im having a child. I NEED to quit this addiction, not want to. Its now a must. I tried cold turkey a few times, lasted 2 days at the most cuz i cant stand the anxiety. That is the worse part to me because it gets sooooo bad. A family friend is an RN (I think it means registered nurse), again dont crucify me if im wrong lol. She works at a local rehab and detox. They use the suboxone 5 day taper method. I got some subs from a friend, enough for the 5 days. The paper work that the rn gave me says i should wait until im in severe withdrawal b4 taking the subs cuz if not they make it soooo much worse rapidly. My last dose of vikes was about 22 hours ago and i took 6 tens (the yellow ones). Im wondering when i should start taking the subs? How long should I wait? Any advice is welcome and needed, and again thanx for reading.

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    5 days isn't enough, all you will do is make your w/d worse. Suboxone isn't a magic pill, taken properly they will help you slowly wean off opiates. I'm going to paste Robert's taper plan. Hundreds of people have used this method successfully.

    I encourage you to read the posts on Suboxone forum. 5 days of subs will make you sicker, I'm sorry if that's not thr answer you were looking for. I know you need too get off, but you also need to want it more than anything.

    Good luck! You could also post this question on the Suboxone forum, you will get some good advice there.

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