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Thomas recipe help!
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    Question Thomas recipe help!

    Today is my last day on norco! I have been taking 10-15 10mg pills a day and I can't do this anymore. I have quit a few times before and always relapsed because of the depression issues I have. I've finally seen a doctor about my depression and have been prescribed zoloft that I've been taking for the past month, It seems to help and I finally feel hopeful and ready to quit norco. I am trying to get everything I'll need ready before the end of today so that I can make this as painless as possible.

    So far I have:
    1. two full boxes of Imodium
    2. 6 Xanax and 3 ativan (I'm trying to get some Valium but don't know if I will be able to)
    3. L-Tyrosine (500 mg caps)
    4. Vitamin B6 caps
    5. Tons of water, fresh fruits, access to a hot bath, lots of funny movies and books to keep my mind busy, and a big king size bed I will be living on for the next few days.

    The Thomas Recipe I read says to get: "Strong wide-spectrum mineral supplement with at least 100% RDA of Zinc, Phosphorus, Copper, Magnesium and Potassium (you may not find the potassium in the same supplement)."
    I am not familiar with minerals and vitamin supplements. Can someone link me to an example of what I need to get? Or tell me the brand and name of the supplement? I haven't been able to find anything that seems to fit the description above.

    Also if I run out of benzos will promethizine help at all? I have about 10 promethizine pills at home.

    Last question, all of the ingredients listed above are fine to take with my Zoloft prescription, correct? Thanks so much in advance for the help!

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    Sounds to me like you are already loaded for bear. I have been on and off pain killers several times over the last several years. Currently clean for about 6 months and I am done with the pain killer bull>>>>.

    The most important part of the quitting is sleeping at night. This last time I had access to ambien and was able to sleep each night. This was a huge improvement over my other attempts. If you cannot get "sleeping pills," you can use over the counter Z-Quill or something similar. I'm sure the Xanax will help.

    Second most important thing is stopping the diarrhea. The Imodium should help a lot.

    Remember, this is likely a 7 day process with days 3 to 5 being the worse. Its uncomfortable and irritating, but that is all as long as you can sleep at night and you control the diarrhea . The other parts of the recipe will give you energy to get through your work day. Drink plenty of water!!!!! This flushes your system and helps give you energy.

    When you look back on this, you will think that it really was not as hard as you thought it would be. Think of getting your life back at the cost of 7 days of some discomfort. The recipe works, follow it as best you can.

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    It does sound like you're ready to go. Try a good multi vitamin it probably has most if not all the things you are having trouble finding otherwise. Drinking plenty of water and doing your best to get at least a little exercise are essential. Restless legs were probably the one symptom that I found the most troublesome. Hot baths and then more hot baths will help with that. I also used two heating pads set on low wrapped around each leg and it did seem to diminish that discomfort at least for a while. I would move them to soothe the constant ache in my back too. There are a couple of over the counter things that people have used for the restless legs. Either Hylands Restless Legs or Calm support.

    Try to eat good, healthy things. Smoothies are quick and easy. Find some good protein powder and add milk, yogurt and whatever fruit you like. Bananas are a good choice because they're high in potassium. Baby spinach for iron. Don't worry, it sounds gross but you can't taste the spinach.

    Hide the clocks!! Sleep can be hard so just take it when you can. Another reason to hide the clocks. It's almost irresisti.ble to check to see how long you've slept. Read threads here, as many as you can and post often. It helps to pass the time and the stories here are so inspirational that it will help you to know that you can do this! I've cold turkeyed detoxed countless times and each time the symptoms and duration were very predictable. Day 1 was hardly a bother and the symptoms began to show up in earnest late that night, peaked on Day 2 and remained steady--no better and no worse for the next three days and then abruptly stopped. What remained was the frequent bathroom trips for a couple more days but Immodium took care of that. Sleep was difficult for some time after that but oddly, once I just accepted it, it stopped being so frustrating and at least I was comfortable.

    The vitamins and supplements are fine with the Zoloft. I don't know about the benzo though so maybe someone will stop by soon and answer that for you. Be very careful with the benzos you have. If you feel like you really need them, try to restrict them to nighttime in order to get some sleep and stop taking them all together around Day 5. I'm not at all familiar with the other med you mentioned, Pro*******??? This site has a lot of good information. Try to use your search engine to check for interactions. I'm quite sure there will be someone here too that can answer that. Sorry I'm no help there.

    Post often. It helps more than you can imagine. Dive in. The water is fine.



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    Hi Catrina, what a great response and very in depth.

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    Might be a little late to the party, but did you ever find the missing minerals? Nothing I found had 100%DV of magnesium,potassium, or phosphorus. It was something like 31%, 2% and 2% respectively. In fact t found the RDA for potassium is 4700mg for an adult and nearly all potassium pills I've seen are 99mg. I'd have to take nearly the whole bottle for one day! What are we supposed to do for those three minerals to reach 100%?

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