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Trying to get off oxys while my husband still uses
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    Default Trying to get off oxys while my husband still uses

    Hi everyone. I am on here looking for support and help with my upcoming PAWs. I was taking 80-120 mg of oxys for past 5 years or so. It mostly started when my husband got a script for his back pain. I am on 2 weeks of not taking oxy. But I have been using methadone, adderall, suboxone, and Xanax (obviously not all at once) to help with wd's. I actually made my husband go up north for the first week while on methadone so there was no temptation. While being on methadone and having him gone it was so easy! until the methadone wore off. When my husband got home he had a few fentanyl packets that he was sucking down...not in front of me but I knew he was on them cuz he had so much energy while I was feeling so >>>>>>. It was a total slap in the face! I took adderall sun, mon, tues. with very minimal meth I was nauseated and kept getting chills all day. I assumed it was the aderall but now im thinking it was w/ds. My first day I took nothing was on Wednesday...I felt like >>>> with no motivation, not much sleep the night b4. I ended up taking some suboxone by 7pm because I was having a bad day at work and my hot flashes and sweats were a s.o.b.! I kept looking like I was embarrassed! I called in Thursday which was a huge mistake because I layed in bed all day and ended up taking way too much methadone. feel like I am so close! I just need to make it a whole day with nothing! I am exercising which I know is important but the worst part for me is the PAWs. I have been through them once b4 and it took about 6 weeks to be completely normal. It was horrible though being stuck in your own mind. I wanted to divorce my husband, go on a vacation by myself, I was so emotional, self conscious. I cant get my body temp under control. I really think I need to get psychiatric help during this time but I don't know where to turn without going into rehab. I took a little bit of suboxone today and went to the gym. So I'm hoping with some support, advice and motivation on here I will make it...once and for all! Thanks for reading.

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    I'm sorry you didn't get a reply to your post.

    Are you still out there? Can we help?

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    If you still need support Im going threw that excat same thing but i could not take anything my 3day and couldnt since!! but if you still support im with ya!

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    I am also going through the same thing too... I've made it to day 8. It's horrific, I know, but it is doable and keeping connected really, really helps.

    All the best,

    "Believe" to have faith, confidence and trust.

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