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Vic/OC Withdrawal, quit everything at once?
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    Default Vic/OC Withdrawal, quit everything at once?

    Hello everyone,
    today is day one of trying to quit painkillers, Its only been like 20hrs so I'm not all that sick yet (just anxiety, upset stomach, nausea). I'm used to taking 5-7, 5mg Vicodinns, or 1-2 20mg OP Oxy's a day. Last time i tried to quit was about two months ago and It didn't last more than two days. but this time will be different! haha. So I guess my question here is about whether or not to make the withdrawal easier by smoking weed or taking xanax. On one hand I won't get as sick and will probably stick with quitting longer (through w,d) but on the other, I feel lke it's kind of cheating and doing other drugs might lead me back to opiates.
    I Feel Like if I make this time that I'll be sick extra miserable then maybe I'll think twice about relapsing...
    Also to get my mind off of it what do you guys do? should I be doing productive work in bed? or should I watch t.v. all day?
    I should also note I guess that I'm trying to quit everything today, (cigarettes, weed, every vice really)

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    Be a bit easy on yourself! But good for you going for the gold! Sounds like you've done the go round before. The first thing you need is attitude. You know that days 3-5 are going to be the worst. Once you get through that and you can do this, you'll start moving uphill. The xanax will help with sleep and other issues, if you absolutely need it. However, you want to be very careful with a benzo drug: those are worse to kick than H.
    To make the w/d easier:

    Check the Thomas Recipe.
    Plenty of water and pure fruit juices like orange juice.
    Immodium or something with loperimide (contains an opiate which doesn't cross blood/brain barrier but will make stomach issues much easier.
    Gatorade for the RLS and hydration
    Hyland's restful leg
    Melatonin or other OTC sleep aid, some use sleepy time tea STRONG for sleep.
    Excercise when you can, even if it's just around the block
    Hot baths
    For anxiety: Serene Theanine, valerian root.

    More than anything else: make a plan to stay clean, despite the pain of w/d (which lasts around 7 days, 3-5 being the worst of it), it's easy to get clean and very hard to stay that way. Think NA, AA, seriously, despite what some may say they haven't been around this long without results. Another thing: go to the Need to Talk board and post there, because that board is more active than this one and start a journal of your journey out of opiates. But beware: these boards will offer support, but nothing compares to a f2f, so make a plan to stay clean. You have to change your using habits and remove the triggers. You say that if you're miserable you'll think twice about using again and that may be true, but what is going to happen when you start feeling really good? Will it be, oh I can take one and then stop? Let me tell you: 1 is too many and 1000 are never enough. As far as what you should do: keep your mind occupied: go for a walk (exercise is priceless to get your natural endorphines working again, watch tv, work in bed, GO TO A MEETING. We are addicts and you're in for a heck of a fight. You sound like you have a pretty light habit, but it's still HABIT and you have to learn to change the things that trigger using.
    You can do this. But you have to want this more than you want anything else in your life, it will be the most important thing you will do in your life, bar nothing.
    Read ARTIST658 on the need to talk board. Read other threads. This is an insidious disease, make no mistake. BUT YOU CAN DO THIS.



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