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You can do it! Tramadol withdrawl
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    Default You can do it! Tramadol withdrawl

    Hi guys. My story is no different to everybody else sciatica since 2008 doctor introduced Tramadol into my life "its not addictive " speech etc etc.

    Time goes on I realise my pain is gone. but my hunger for tramadol was increasing. From Jan 2009 until now I was taking high doses of 800mg-1000mg a day. (4 pills per hour)

    I have suffered 5 seizures during that time one time I even had a seizure at work and cracked my head open on a metal corner and lost 2litres of blood easy before I woke up.

    Fast forward until now. I realised enough is enough it had been the sole focus of my life. I would base my day around the pill. Everybody who loved me were being affected somehow someway even my wife. I abused everybody in my life.

    Ive been reading this site for 3years and always said I wont post until I know im winning the war. ive been clean from tramadol for 76hours now.

    I decided to go completely cold turkey only using Nytol to sleep.

    It was difficult, the hardest fight of my life but as each minute that goes by it REALLY REALLY does get better. believe me it will get better whoever is reading this knows what I am talking about.

    Put yourself in the state of mind think about your willpower and realise it does not control you. NOBODY should take medication to feel normal. we are born normal so fight this battle through your dedication and will. YOU DO HAVE IT believe me

    Think of the negatives think about how "normal" your life was before this filthy drug entered your system.

    Energy drinks, start taking iron tablets from the first day you wont see a difference until your clean but it will be worth it. I used anti-diarhoear tablets. I tackled this head on it was hard but nobody said battles were easy.

    You can do it believe me If I can you can. I dont know you but i know your will is stronger than me.

    First two nights will be hard and no matter how many pills you took per day the third day is the KEY. You will notice a difference and use this as your platform for glory.

    Today is day four in my battle but day one in my new life.

    If there is anybody who would want further information as to how what and why or about anything I am here and im not going anywhere.

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    GREAT JOB MalcolmX! Keep moving forward! Thank you for sharing. We get a LOT of questions about Tramadol addiction and w/d, and your story and post will help give those people answers, hope and strength. If I could count how many times Doctors told me certain substances were not addicting....

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