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1st Norco scrip & must take liver function test, what is this test
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    Default 1st Norco scrip & must take liver function test, what is this test

    After months of chronic back pain my General Practicioner is finally prescribing me a narcotic, NORCO. However, I must first take a liver function test. Does this test screen for other drugs? I have been taking other narcotics to relieve pain and am afraid this test will detect them. Please advise. I'm waiting to hear from you before I take the test. Thank You

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    The liver function test itself doesn't test for drugs, acetaminophen can be bad for the liver, that's why he's checking. He shouldn't be testing for anything else without informing you.

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    Default Questionable

    The test is supposed to test your liver and make sure it is healthy and can take the medications however I recently was given this same test and was not told they were testing for anything else and the next thing i knew my doc quit seeing me as his patient and referred me to another doc who would not continue to prescribe what my other doc has had me on for a year or so. I was on 75 mg patch and 120 hydrocodone. Now I am withdrawing cold turkey. The new doc said he wasn't 'comfortable' prescribing that to me. He was an asshole.
    Just be sure to ask exactly what they will be testing for and dont let them pull one over on you.

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