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Actiq - Any Info Needed
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    Default Actiq - Any Info Needed

    Can anyone give info on this drug such as symptoms, what happens if you do not take for days (and are used to using several a day), side effects if too much has been taken? Also, is there anything to do if too much has been taken?

    What can be expected in reference to one's personality while using actiq?

    Any info/experiences are greatly appreciated. Thx

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    Hello and Good Morning Unknown!!! I am so sorry for your problem. I don't have any answers because I am not familiar with Actiq however I would like to suggest you go to the painkiller addiction thread and post your question there.... There are so many awesome people in there that have so much wisdom and knowledge on many medications and side affects etc... Please give it a shot.

    Good Luck and Welcome!!!


    Baby Steps to a normal life

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