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    Default Asthma

    This year has been especially bad for aggravating the disease. I am currently on Atrovent X3 daily, Albuterol X4 daily, Qvar X2 daily. One or more seems to be causing some unusual side effects:
    muscle spasms in leg muscles, sleep interruption and lack of energy.
    Does anyone have any experience?

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    Default Lungs are working hard

    Hiya ,

    I also have asthma and found that atrovent i was allergic too... I take Advair 500 inhaler and also Singulair Tablets.. they work phenomemally .. I would ask your dr. bout them both.. u are on alot of inhalers which cause expansion so you can breathe yet i was told they also make you tired because it takes alot of work to get your lungs to expand... U must have some triggers going on .. Like Dont eat white bread potatoes, or white pasta.... or wheat bread.. some mushrooms too.. and when u find you are having episodes of problems in breathing .. breathe deep in with your nose and out quick with your mouth.. its like the brown bag effect... it will help... Paul Sorvino asthma foundation has a great website on asthma .. check it out ..

    Aurarisma xo

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    Lightbulb Asthma in Arkansas

    Hello.. I also have Asthma.. I am 46 yr odl Female.
    I have had Asthma since I was 7. and it seems to get worse.. I used to live in Southern Calif and it did not seem as bad as it does here in Arkansas.
    I have taken EVERY thing there is..
    Atrovent killed me..
    Albuterol KILLS me too. makes me jittery and shakey.. makes me tired and sleepy, but yet I cant sleep, i am constantly turning and my legs are jittery and I cant stay still, and I dont sleep. I took the Inhaler and then I also used to use the Updraft. I am now on
    Duo Neb on the Updraft, I dont use it often anymore though
    and I use Combivent as my rescue inhaler that I carry with me at all times.. it does NOT make me shakey or jittery.
    I take Singulair pills 10 mg at bed time..
    and I take Ad Vair 500/ 50 2 X a day.
    and I take the Xolair injections 2 X a month..
    it is pretty much under control.

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    Hi I'm Chris Freville. My sis Maria Christina also has asthma since 7th February 2003 and she has the same questions in her mind..

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    Default Stress causes Asthma?

    Hi, I am new to this Forum and I came across this topic on this forum. I came to know about my asthma one year back. My asthma gets worse when I feel stressed. I start wheezing heavily and my breathing starts to get labored. There are so many reasons that triggers asthma. Tobacco smoke, cold air, exercise and even laughing can cause asthma attacks . On the other hand, people with asthma tell us that they are worse when they are anxious. Really bad attacks which force people to go into hospital often happen after a virus infection of your nose or chest. Some people get asthma if they take aspirin or other painkillers, and some get asthma from dusts or fumes at work.

    Does stress can trigger asthma?

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    Hey All,

    Came across this link on web.Just take a look in to it.

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