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In Big trouble any ideas
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    Default In Big trouble any ideas

    I have been on pain meds for 5 years now. I go to a pain center for my meds. Well I violated there rules and guess what no more meds. I have two little girls who need me badly and i have a couple days left of pills and then I dont know what to do i told them I made a mistake and please help me and the center wont even take my calls!! I cant believe they are just going to leave me with a major addiction!!I dont know what to do, I am so worried for my kids. I called 10 detox centers for help and they say sorry we cant help you your med doses are to high!! I am in full panic mode and im freaking out!! any ideas !!! please!!!

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    Hi there,
    I dont know where you live but every state had methadone clinics. There is NO such thing as too high of a dose and no methdone clinic will turn you away as long as you are paying your bill.

    Seriously though, I dont like reccomending methadone to people, but in your situation methadone is definate solution. You will need to get started ASAP as they will only start you on 30 mgs the first day and slowly raise your dose by 10 mgs a day untill you reach the prescribed level. At least that is the process at the clinic I go to, but most are basically the same. Bottom line - there isnt a methadone clinic in the world that will turn you away because your dose is too high.

    Best of luck,


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    Default This may help!


    I know how u feel. There is a herbal pain killer called kratom. It was a little hard to find but it works wonders. It has helped me get off of fentanyl. It's totally herbal and they sell them in a powder for tea or capsules. Tea works faster and better but pills work too. It's legal and it works. I hope this helps you. Also there is something to be said about faith and prayer. Get another to pray with you strong and hard. Positive power no matter what your belief is amazing for the soul. The pain starts there.

    My best and Gods speed to you

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    Default I feel for you

    I am sorry you & your girls will have to go thru this & I can say I hate it but I have been there soooo many times & have tried to deal with it without help & it will only scar your girls & you forever. Go get help anywhere you can & do it fast because the people in your life need you to get back to them. I would be careful with methadone because it will be something else to abuse. You are going to have to fight this & you can do it trust me but will be pure hell.
    If I had any easy answer I'd give it to you but your are going to have choices to make & make the right ones & while you still have the people you love in your life dont screw it up or you could lose them. No drug is worth that.

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